I am one broke bitch.

Pretty much always have been. Likely always will be. Probably why I love me a bargain. I’ve been trying extra hard lately to find affordable things in the neighborhood for myself. I’m going to start passing on the deals I find around town. And just so you know, what I find to be a deal is a real deal. I’m poor, not looking to save $100 on a $300 bag like some people. I’m looking to eat and live. Tips are definitley welcome!

Some of the deals I’ve been taking advantage of for awhile:

LA Cafe has a daily special that is usually a buck off one of their dishes. Forexample, a big plate of Baked Ziti will run you $6 instead of $7 and you’ll have enough for a light lunch leftover the next day.

W Nassau Meat Market and pretty much all the Polish meat shops are super cheap and super fresh. A loaf of fresh rye bread is gonna cost you just $1.25 and enough kielbasa to make sandwiches for a week will cost you like $5.

Polish food in general is cheap and sometimes you really just want to go out to dinner. Karczma is a great deal and their food is delicious. You can easily do dinner for two for $20.

In the shopping realm, I really love Angel Street Thrift Shop. Especially when they are having a sale. They’re only open on the weekends but sometimes they run a sick sale. I’ve been in there twice when everything was 75% off. A superb deal.

I’m not even going to get into the bar deals around town because that could be a post all by itself. From Wednesday’s Ladies Night at The Habitat to $3 Brooklyn IPA’s at Shayz Lounge, there are many deals to be had in just about every watering hole in Greenpoint. Thankfully.

This post was inspired by another Greenpoint blogger – Unemployed Brooklyn and her Gettin’ It On The Cheap post especially.

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