Get your ass kicked by native Greenpointer and my homegirl Tray and her partner Deemsy!

I truly heart Tracy and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her personal trainer skills so I heartily recommend checking this out if you’re into a hardcore outdoor workout!

Deemsy Arias and Tracy Helsing are starting an outdoor bootcamp class in Williamsburg’s*** McCarren Park, one stop on the L from the city.

This bootcamp will be fun, but essentially an ass kicker. Take part only if you really want results because everyone must be prepared to work. The bootcamp class will have a variety of components such as strength training, sprints and cardio on the track, agility drills, cardio drills, sandbags, kettlebells. People will be running, jumping, playing, lifting, pulling, pushing, sweating, good times.

The classes will be an hour and are set at 25 dollars per class.

There will also be package deals announced very soon. Right now we are starting with Thursdays and Sundays at noon with more times to be added to meet the demand. First class starts Sunday, May 3rd. More info to follow but If you have any questions and are interested please do not hesitate to contact either Deemsy or Tracy.

The more the merrier, so please pass it on and bring a friend as there will be plenty of tag team and group exercises.

Hope to see you there!!

Check out their Facebook Group page for more info.

***For the record, McCarren Park is in Greenpoint, not Williamsburg but I guess when you’re trying to reach a certain group, WBurg sounds more convenient.

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  1. “Williamsburg’s McCarren Park?” I don’t know, I’d go, but I don’t really want to travel all the way down to Williamsburg. I’ll probably just work out by myself in that big park in Greepoint… whatever it’s called.

  2. HA!

    You’re absolutely right and usually I would comment on that but I guess I am becoming conditioned. Oh the horror! I’ve updated the post. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

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