The North Brooklyn Story Project Benefit Concert (say that three times fast) is coming up on Tuesday April 28th at Union Pool. Fellow blogger Keith Wagstaff of Williamsburg Is Dead along with NAG, organized this shindig to benefit their project that helps to to gather memories and stories from all walks of life in the Greenpoint & Williamsburg area. – Williamsburg Is Dead

Williamsburg Walks is back for a second year. Bedford Avenue between Metropolitan Avenue and North Ninth Street will go car-free every Saturday in June and July. – Brooklyn Paper

The Gazette gets a blog! All Greenpointers update their Google readers at the same time. – Greenpoint Gazette Blog

My neighborhood paper does a profile on Lark Street – what are the odds?! Moving there is my destiny. Albany – the Upstate Greenpoint. – Greenpoint Gazette

More details on the Queen’s Hideaway replacement, Anella. “…the principal owner is Blair Papagni (her husband, Josh Cohen, is the man behind Jimmy’s Diner, among other Brooklyn eateries). Maddy also revealed that a greenhouse in the back will be used to grow as much produce for the restaurant as possible, with supplemental goods coming from upstate’s Honey Locust Farm House (the farm’s owner, Nancy MacNamara, is helping the restaurant with its on-site cultivation.) An additional historical tidbit: The workbenches repurposed for the bar were salvaged from the old Steinway piano factory.” – Time Out New York


A Greenpointer starts a food blog – with recipes! Including how to make a veggie & meat lasagna for 60 people. – The Greenpoint Dish

The On-Point Cyclones get a new website! And as always they are still looking for donors and even better, sponsors. I’ve blogged about these kids several times and I will keep on blogging about them because they deserve some dough to help keep breeding some great ball players in the hood!

Facing eviction? Rent too high? No Heat? – Jeez, I’m three for three myself there, so there must be others in the neighborhood with the same issues. Speakers, Workshops, Community Resources & Food (!) this Saturday at the all day community fair sponosred by NAG (those people do A LOT of stuff for the neighborhood!) that’s main focus will be on these pressing housing issues. Not all of us have trust funds or sugar daddies (much to my disappointment). – NAG

Brouwerij Lane becomes a zoo on Saturday May 2nd. A comedy theater troupe – Club Animals – will be donning dog, chicken, rat, bear, and dolphin masks and be hed in a chicken wire pen at the store. I think I’m speechless. – Brooklyn Paper

The Richardson has started serving brunch on the weekends. But this isn’t your ‘eat and feel better after a hangover’ kind of brunch, this one is more of a continuation of the night before brunch. They’re serving bagels and cream cheese, gravlax with cucumber and hard boiled egg sandwiches. ’nuff said.

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  1. Justine I’m glad you saw that article on Lark Street when I first read of it I meant to send you a link but forgot all together. I went to SUNY Albany and spent much time on Lark myself. This time of year it’s especially beautiful downtown and in Washington Park. It’s nice to know that the area has improved further.

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