Diamond Bar is a great place. So great infact, maybe you want to live directly above it!

The apartment directly above the bar is for rent. If you don’t mind living above a bar it’s a pretty killer place. Legitimate 2 bed/2 bath, $2000. Let me know if you are interested and I can pass your info along…. (email dave [at] thediamondbrooklyn [dot] com)

They’re also selling their barstools which you might want to incorporate into your new pad. It can be like you never leave!

Have You Seen Our Upgrades? New tables, a new bar seating area by the shuffleboard table, amongst a few more little changes we are working on. Next up is new barstools. The old ones are antiques (40’s-50’s) and we hate to give them up. But they are more suited to residential use than commercial. We purchased for about $160 per stool so make an offer if you are interested. Will sell you as few or as many as you want. 2 are already spoken for so I believe there are 10 left.

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