You may be familiar with the tree-lined streets of Guernsey and Lorimer, the industrial sections on Milton, or the bodegas on Franklin. And if not, then you shall soon feast your eyes on some of the aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes not so pleasing, landscapes of GP, BK.

A three year resident of Leonard Street, I moved to Greenpoint thinking that Brooklyn would be all culture and coolness. But in addition to all that is awesome here, I have also found, much to my pleasure, that on a warm spring day such as today the children on this street sound like any other children in any other part of the world, that the buds on trees look just as beautiful, and that Greenpoint is now easily called “home.”

In order to share this exceptional community with you all I will be posting, from time to time, photographs that display what I appreciate about Greenpoint.

Looking forward to sharing the Greenpoint canvas with you, the way I see it.


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