So I’ve been meaning to blog about this for the last week, which is pretty good for me considering there are things I’ve been meaning to write about for months and never get around to doing so… Anyway, here goes.

Friday night March 20th my sister calls me and I tell her I’ll be over in a few minutes but she says she can’t wait to tell me this so she goes off on this insane story of how she was on the G train coming back from the north side when she sees a pool of blood. Her and this guy get to talking and he mentions that there is this dude bleeding to death on the train. He shows her the blood trail leading from car to car and eventually to a young guy who is sitting there, shaking and bleeding profusely.

A woman gets on and mentions nonchalantly that the blood looks ‘arterial’ to her. As GG gets off at Greenpoint Ave her and the friendly train boy mention to the woman conductor that there is a man chillin’ in his own O negative in the car. “Ok, please watch the doors.”

I found the story crazy shocking but in a way kinda funny at how the passengers and the conductor seemed so laissez faire about the whole situation. Typical New York.

I figure we’ll never hear about this anywhere unless he dies but wouldn’t you know it – a couple of days later I come across this link and forward it to my sister.


That’s him!!!!! OMG!!!!

So go figure, my sister rode the train with a murderer last Friday. I bet it wasn’t the first time.

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  1. I was just going to say that!! I was talking to Rutila recently and she mentioned a story to me about a guy bleeding on the G Train. As soon as I read the news this week about the murderer bleeding on the G train, I knew that had to be the same guy she had told me about! How horrific! I still can’t believe this kid killed that man. It’s disgusting and shocking.

  2. I feel bad for the guy who got killed but if you’re running craigslist ads for rough sex encounters with strangers, you kinda up your chances of getting stabbed 20 times.

    No one deserves that but sometimes I wonder why people put themselves in stupidly dangerous situations. This could have been avoided.

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