Now that the Greenpoint Courier is gone, The Brooklyn Optimist is taking a look at Greenpoint’s two remaining newspapers, The Gazette and The Star. – The Brooklyn Optimist

Drinkin’ and Dronin’ praises brunch at the Greenpoint Coffee House. So does OffManhattan. And I can’t say I disagree – hands down my favorite brunch place in the neighborhood. – Drinkin’ and Dronin’

The New York Times has an interesting story on Greenpoint photographer Anders Goldfarb including a fantastic slideshow of a dozen of his shots. “In 1998, Mr. Goldfarb began photographing in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, riding his bike around the area and looking for the peculiar beauty of vinyl siding, peeling paint and razor wire. Using filters to reveal the cumulus clouds on beautiful sunny days, he brought a sense of clarity and order to photographs of abandoned gas stations and burned-out buildings.” Props to my old friend Skee in the photo below! – The City Visible

Speaking of photography, Shooting Brooklyn has this GREAT Greenpoint shot that I am in love with. – Shooting Brooklyn


Last weekend was the end for Jan and Äya which I cannot say surprises me one tiny bit. It was cute but I’d really like to see Greenpoint stay away from ultra expensive stores with three things inside. But even more importantly, what will be there next?! – Racked

Forgotten NY takes a stroll down Greenpoint Avenue from Brooklyn through Queens. Forgotten NY via Queens Crap

Brooklyn Bowl is finally coming to town next month! The Gutter is getting some competition. Once the only game in town for splits and spares, Brooklyn Bowl is going to step it up. “When it opens, Brooklyn Bowl will offer a diverse Blue Ribbon menu, local craft beer on draft, frozen Margaritas, entertainment, which will include live music and stand-up comedy by top acts and a bowling alley with an airy beer garden atmosphere that will charge affordable prices and open in the afternoon and stay open late.” This is making me happy. – Greenpoint Gazette

Although today’s snow is no indication that it’s the first day of Spring, Dalaga is having a “Here Comes The Sun” sale starting Saturday with 10% off all skirts and tops. In addition they’re going to be carrying ladies only gear from now on so any remaining men’s items are a whopping 75% off. – Dalaga Newsletter

Although it’s not in Greenpoint, LIC is mighty close and Water Taxi Beach is da bomb, but maybe you’re feeling a little more fancy schmancy? Enter the Long Island City boutique hotel rooftop. “There’ll be cabanas, frozen drinks, unparalleled views of the Queensboro Bridge, and a menu of “gourmet” fish tacos, mini-burritos, and lamb sliders, all under a retractable roof. Converted trolley cars will pick up partyers from nearby subway stations. As if all this weren’t enough, a smaller roof deck will serve as an outdoor movie theater.” Wow. – Grub Street

Miss Emily Farris may have moved from New York but she’s coming back to do a cooking class at Brooklyn Kitchen next month. Cooking for Broke Dummies will show you how to make at least five dinners for under $5 each. – Brooklyn Kitchen

There is some high flying action going on in Williamsburg next week. STREB dance company’s opening show on March 27 titled “Catapult” will feature “whizzing gizmos, flying trapezes, rooftop jumps, and revolving 20-foot floors”. Tickets are just $20 for adults and $10 for the kids. – Brooklyn Paper

Barry Manilow – the original Williamsburg hipster? He says he was a geek but aren’t they the same thing? – GQ

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  1. I hate to take any joy in others failings, but the fewer bourgeois boutiques like jan and aya, the better.

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