Last Thursday I posted looking for some new additions to Greenpointers (apparently, it was all the rage as other blogs decided they wanted to be just like me!). I got quite a few emails from some very talented folks and I have to say I was stoked reading their posts and bios this weekend. I already knew that I wanted to keep the bunch small.

You’ve already heard from Joann, but over the next few days and weeks you should begin hearing from Graham, too. In addition of course to me and Kea! I’m also psyched that both of them are from the McGolrick area of Greenpoint, so now my old stomping grounds will be properly repped along with my side. And to top off the goodness, each new addition will give an introductory post so you’ll know what to expect from them. I’m so excited to see what these two come up with.

I’ll miss Krissy, Amanda and GG blog-wise but I welcome the new arrivals to the mix with open arms and I hope that my readers will like them as much as I do. I’m really happy that Greenpointers is moving in a forward direction that changes it a little but makes sure that it stays exactly as what I created, a blog about the neighborhood that I grew up in – Greenpoint. Greenpointers remains as the only blog in this neighborhood from the point of view of a native. And the fact that I get to share this with newer residents just makes me all squishy.

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