Very exciting news for the beer connoisseurs of the ‘hood – Brouwerij Lane is kinda open but the Grand Opening Party is officially next Saturday March 21st and they’re inviting us all for the festivites!


My name is Erik, I’m a fellow Greenpointer (McGoldrick area). Myself and the owner of a new beer store called Brouwerij Lane on Greenpoint Ave between Franklin and West will be having a grand opening party on Saturday the 21st from 1-8. We will have delicious goulash, various wursts, and our 10 taps will be flowing with a selection of beers from around the world for tasting and taking home in our 64 oz growler jugs. We currently have over 150 types of bottled beer, and want to welcome our Greenpoint neighbors who are beer drinkers, beer lovers, or just want to come check the place out.

Come by and taste some beer and have some food. Saturday is our official kickoff, start date. Our tentative hours are from 1-8 on Sat and Sunday, and 3-8 during the week. Hope to see you there and look forward to meeting you!


I know where I’ll definitely be next Saturday!

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  1. Yes! It is one of the best things to open in a while. I have emailed with Erik, and I think we should expect to see good things come out of our new beer store. I’ll be stopping by on my way home to pick up a growler (i brought my empty one to work so I would be repaired).

    Congrats to Ed and Erik for getting the doors open, and bringing growlers to our hood!

  2. It’s actually McGolrick – not McGoldrick or McGorlick.

    Any locals I know who don’t call it Winthrop usually pronounce the park with a ‘d’ which is why a lot of them then spell it with one. But ‘McGorlick’ is a mispronunciation that seems to have popped up with the new folks.

    This is why I just keep calling it Winthrop Park.

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