There are two nights a year that I haven’t gone out on since my 20’s. The night before Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day. To a seasoned drunk like myself, these are amateur nights. The sort of nights when everybody goes out. Which means there’s a lot of fights, a lot of vomit and just a lot of people. None of which I like when I’m trying to get my drink on.

However, I may just break my own rule this year and try St Patty’s day out in Greenpoint just because my favorite haunt, The Habitat, is doing a little somethin’, somethin’ for the holiday of my ancestors.

$3 Guinnesses and Smithwicks, $5 Irish Car Bombs and corned beef and cabbage. It’s pretty much a sealed deal for me.

Of course there are other bars in the ‘hood that will be having their own fair share of events as well.


At Black Rabbit you can expect Guinness and Jameson specials, Irish Music and the perpetually entertaining green beer.

Red Star is having a $40 Open Bar special 8pm until midnight. You check out the details and see who’s going on Facebook.

I also imagine Shayz Lounge will be having something since the owner Seamus is actually an Irishman – complete with brogue and all. I don’t think I posted about it but I did get a chance to go over a few weeks ago with a couple of friends and have a few beers. $3 Brooklyn IPA’s is one heck of a deal and I wound up running into a long, long ago friend from the nabe so it was cool to see that locals aren’t shy of the place. The owner had mentioned their ‘official’ opening was on my birthday but since I was out of town, I had to miss it. But I think I will put it on my list to visit on St Patty’s Day.

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