Just got an email from a friendly reader I wanted to pass on in the event someone could find this of some use.

Hi I have some office furniture to donate. They are free, do you know anybody who can pick them up from Greenpoint location?

Thank you,


If you’re interested, you can email Mariusz at mariusz [at] poltur [dot] net.

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  1. Can’t help you yet, but we’re setting up a website to help with this kind of issue. In North America, about 88 million tons of office furniture and equipment flows to landfills yet most office furniture can easily be reused, or recycled, but there’s just never been an easy way to do it. The site will be free, and will allow people to sell, donate or recycle theeir office furniture online. again, free, no charge!

    Watch for OfficeTrader.net in April.
    Mike T at OT ([email protected])

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