A little too much death and mayhem in the Point lately…

That corrupt narcotics cop Jerry Bowens who shot his girlfriend did so in an apartment on Engert Ave. – New York Times

A 21 year old motorcyclist was killed Saturday night by a drunk driver on Humboldt Street. – Daily News

And then a ‘random’ shooting in the Valero gas station lot at Meeker and Morgan Aves. Although hearing that “the survivors refused to cooperate after their initial statements”, somehow makes me doubt the randomness of that… – Daily News

In cheerier news, Brooklyn Flea will be on Saturdays instead of Sundays this year which is kinda nice. I feel like such a shit for not even getting out there ONCE last year, but this year… Promises, promises. – The Brooklyn Paper


Did anyone spy America’s Next Top Model was in Greenpoint on last night’s show? Their photo shoot was in one of the rundown buildings near Greenpoint & West. Just knowing that Nigel was two blocks from my house at some point makes me all warm and gooey. – A.V. Club

Greenpoint’s Hayden-Harnett goes big city and opens their first Manhattan shop in Nolita. – Racked

And Cafe Grumpy is opening a branch in Park Slope. – The Brooklyn Paper

RIP Greenpoint Courier. – Brooklyn 11211

‘Point Taken (don’t you adore the name?!) is itchin’ for Ichiran to open. Like the rest of the neighborhood. Since 2007. – ‘Point Taken

The Brooklyn Paper reports on Brooklyn Standard aka Cody Utzman’s Bodega of the Future. – The Brooklyn Paper

Blondie and Brownie take a visual Greenpoint Pub Crawl including Mark Bar, The Habitat and Black Rabbit among others. – Blondie and Brownie

Williamsburg’s Cyn Lounge gets the grimiest bathroom shout out and it appears to be well deserved. – Examiner.com

Give a pint, get a pint at Spuyten Duyvil. Donating blood will get you a brew on the house at some participating bars. Just donate blood and bring your receipt to the bar for a free beer. – MSNBC & The Brooklyn Paper

Refinery29 showcases Greenpoint design duo of architect/designer Jeremy Barbour and screenprinter/artist Andrew Woodrum of Box & Flea. – Refinery29

Ever get mistaken for a Pole in Greenpoint? GG gets it often and I’ve even gotten it, though I think they more feel like everyone in Greenpoint must speak Polish more so than actually thinking I’m from the motherland. The irony is that I am actually Polish and GG is not. A tale of mistaken identity by Arija. – Silent J

I noticed a couple of weeks that Mark Bar had started offering 10 hour happy hours. Yes, you read that right. You can get your drink on from 10am to 8pm everyday. – Grub Street

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