From the inbox this morning, there’s major news in Cody’s Greenpoint empire.

Want to let you know that Brooklyn Label is almost done with it’s re-vamping. Here is what we have to say:

New hours, new menu… same great attitude at Brooklyn Label. We are now open weeknights for dinner, until 9 pm. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we are still open until 10pm. We’ve also added a healthy selection of vegan and vegetarian items to the dinner menu, and there’s more to come. The coffee and espresso drinks are still the best, and it’s still a very cool place to hang out.

Over at Papacitos we are planning a May 5th Opening of the Garden with a big festive party! Papacitos has great new Specials Nightly, a daily Taco Special for only $1.50 with Tecates only $2. In addition, starting May 5th Papacitos Goes LATE NIGHT!! Delivery will be available from MIDNIGHT – 5AM!!! Check out for all the new delivery details.

And finally Brooklyn Standard is hiring Locals! Look at the site for a updated profile, opening date, and email info for JOBS!! Fighting un-employment at a local level.

Although I’m still not ready to deal with Brooklyn Label – I was in there not but two weeks ago to grab coffee and a bagel to go and it was like a fifteen minute ordeal and I was the only person there. But, I am going to promise to have a little more patience and go there again, one day.

Papacito’s on the other hand is pretty great. Quick delivery – and the dude even trekked up the five flights to bring it to my door. The burritos are really good and in just a couple of months they’re going to be delivering until 5am (seriously?!). Wow.


Taking a closer look at the Brooklyn Standard blog, the latest post describes Cody’s latest joint as the new standard for the local bodega.

Brooklyn Standard Deli LLC is a natural foods Grocery, Bakery, Convenience Mart, and Eatery. It is the new standard for the “Bodega”: giving the neighborhood what it needs. Everything you love about your local Bodega: smokes, soda, cheap eats, egg on a roll, deli sandwiches, news paper and magazines, late night munchies.

Beginning April 1st, 2009 all of this, and more, can be experienced 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm at Brooklyn Standard’s 1400 sq. foot locally and artistically customized space at 188 Nassau Ave., at Jewel and Humboldt.

Brooklyn Standard sounds awesome (and what a pretty chandelier!). And around the corner from where I grew up, nonetheless. I’m kinda missing my old side of the Point. Especially with all the new things popping up over there.

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  1. I do my laundry at Grand Slam, just a few storefronts away from the future Brooklyn Standard. Perhaps two months ago a bodega/pizzeria opened up, and the place was shuttered and gutted a few weeks ago. Let’s hope Brooklyn Standard lasts a longer; that area of the ‘Point needs its own “Greenpoint Finest.”

  2. Come on Justine, Kea, Krissy, Amanda please post something. The public needs greenpoint news. Anything? Update on Lost? Please give us something to read. I know you probably are super busy but please help fuel my blog addiction. Is it possible to become addicted to reading blogs? Blogism I guess they might call it.

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