The new Miss Brooklyn is actually from Brooklyn this year, go figure. And she’s a pretty mittle Irish lass from Manhattan Beach. – The Brooklyn Paper

Hayden-Harnett names a cork wedge shoe after Greenpoint. They’re cute, too! – via Lui’s Picks

Metro has an article featuring Lily Lee who owns Xtra (now called Bang for the Buck), the discount store that was displaced by WaMu late last year. With the WaMu branch now closed, Lily gets the last laugh. – Metro

Lookie, lookie here. Studio B re-opens. What a shocker. Well, technically they never even closed. – Grub Street

This seems to put the nail in the coffin on the idea of Paloma coming back after the fire there on Election Night. Camille Bacerra is moving to the city. “A name hasn’t been decided on yet, but there is talk of calling it Paloma Orchard Street, since her involvement is increasing and all collaborating parties are happy with each other.” Boo! – BlackBook

Today marked the first day of the Robo-L-Train. I was riding with Krista today and she let me in on the fact that there was no man driving our train this morning. But it seems the Robo-Train is only during off peak times – for now. The Daily News

Today is also Mardi Gras and Paczki Day! So don’t forget to pick up your pączki donut thingys at virtually EVERY Polish deli or bakery in the neighborhood.

This Sunday March 1st is the Town Square‘s Spring SchoolFEST taking place at John Ericsson MS 126 (424 Leonard St).

“SchoolFEST is a school fair involving all schools and child service organizations in Greenpoint & Williamsburg (private & public, day care to high school). It’ll be an informative and fun day for parents/kids (and educators & service providers) to learn about what’s available for our kids in our neighborhood. There’ll be literature & representatives from the schools, performances showcasing music and other programs offered by the schools, interactive activities for kids and more. And for those parents with kids about to enter Pre-K or Elementary this fall (like me), it’s a perfect time to educate ourselves about our choices.”

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  1. The L train won’t be without a human operator any time soon, if only because the contract between the MTA and TWU requires trains to be manned.

    The L has been running “OPTO” (one person train operation, a train operator but no conductor) during late nights and weekends for months, and has both an operator and a conductor the rest of the time. That won’t change under CBTC.

    Also, the trains still aren’t completely under computer control. The operator at all times controls the emergency brake, and either the operator or conductor close the doors — even under CBTC “Automatic Train Operations mode”.

    And the trains can still be run manually, in “Automatic Train Protection mode,” which means that the train operator is in control except that the system restricts speed and maintains safe distance between trains.

  2. The headline on this one was a little misleading. I was hoping it had to do with the fire that devestated the restaurant, Paloma on Greenpoint Avenue. (i.e. there is a secret subway tunnel in that place right?)

  3. check out the comments section of the article on paloma – it will be back soon after all

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