The Production Lounge owner cries racism at Greenpointers.

Now of course every blog within the walls of 11222 claims that is absurd, but I’m not as quick to disagree. Just as much as I don’t want the gun-toting Euro-mafia partyers at Club Exit, I don’t want thugmaster flexes at Production Lounge. They’re both bringing an element to the neighborhood that doesn’t fit.

From a locals point of view, Greenpoint has never been a neighborhood with a black community. Most of the only black people I had interaction with growing up were the kids from Cooper Projects who were zoned for PS 110 and JHS 126. Other than that, there were no black kids in the neighborhood. Does that make Greenpoint racist? No, but it definitely breeds a majority of less than tolerable folks. The fact is, there are many people in this neighborhood who voted for Obama, but at the same time would have an issue with a large group of black men hanging around outside their local bar. Personally, I’m an equal opportunity hater, regardless of race or creed, I probably don’t like you.

The owner makes a valid point that there are other bars in the vicinity that have fights, loiterers and such. And the fact that the 94th claims that the absurdly bright spaceship lights that are parked outside Production Lounge are “protocol after a shooting”, there were NEVER those lights parked outside of Club Exit after their shooting last year. I’m just sayin’…

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  1. No one from the 94th has been directly quoted, as far as I know, as saying that the lights are “protocol” except by Joe Ariola. It’s not a “fact” that the NYPD said that, it’s his claim that they told him that.

    Among his other claims: they don’t have a bouncer (anyone who’s been there knows that’s not true… they usually have a couple. Unless he calls them something different, but the big ex-cops working security are what most people will call bouncers). And, the shooter wasn’t in the bar. That one’s disputed by employees, NYPD’s D.I. Fulton (he said at the community meeting that it “apparently” started with an incident inside the bar and that’s still being investigated — different from Joe’s complete denial), and at least one eyewitness who has written that from his window he saw the person ejected from the Kent Street exit, walk to the corner, and begin shooting.

  2. This evening while walking home I noticed the spot light was gone which is sort a shame for one reason. Apparently there is some event going right now and as people walk in a photographer is taking pictures while holding the camera in one hand and a flash up in the air in the other. If the spot light was there he’d wouldn’t have to hold up the flash and would have two hand to steady the camera. Just a thought.

    But yes Justine I def agree with this post.

  3. I have not yet seen one post on the bar on Norman And Kingsland ,That has tobe oe of the most outrageouse ones yet.
    Every Friday and Saturday Night there is at leas 2000 people outside and inside the bar.The cars that line the block to and from the place are nuts.They are double parked and blasting theior radios ,The cops have raided the bar a few times for Strippers on Fridays and wild parties on Saturdays But NO lights. ANyone can walk down there on a Saturday especially and snap a photo after 12 am and see what I am refering too.SO yes I think we are racist in Greenpoint BUt SO WHAT. DO you see a bunch of white guys going in to a bar in a all black Area drinking and shooting NO .

  4. Im quite annoyed today as I read a letter from YELP explaining why they took down my disparaging review about the place. I say we all go back on there and keep writing unfavorable reviews, if we hurt their business maybe they will leave the neighborhood. Production lounge is not welcome, and it’s not because of the color of the patron’s skin, guns are not acceptable no matter what kind of music you listen too!

    Ps yelp letter included below.


    I’m writing to let you know that we decided to remove your review of The Production Lounge, after it was flagged by the Yelp community. We understand that the event that occurred near this business is a very sensitive issue, and you are welcome and encouraged to take it up on However, reviews should remains focused on a first-hand consumer experience with a business. For more on what makes a great review, check out our review guidelines:

    As our review guidelines state: “Reviews aren’t the place for rants about a business’s employment practices, political ideologies, or other matters that don’t address the core of the normal customer experience.” “

  5. YES! Someone please help the Norman/Kingsland weekend mess stop. It’s beyond frustrating. The cops do nothing, despite numerous calls and complaints. Maybe everyone with cars can just park over there during the day and make them park their Fast and Furious cars somewhere else? I don’t know the solution, but something’s got to happen.

  6. The fact that there were not lights outside of Club Exit is actually an argument that there is NOT racism by the cops, because that was a black crowd also.

    There is a big difference between fights and shootings. I’m just sayin’…

  7. I'm not talking about the fights that take place outside of bars or Club Exit. There was a SHOOTING outside of Club Exit and NO lights. And for what it's worth, I don't recall what crowd was there on that specific night but I feel like it was a Euro-crowd or some B&T bunch.

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