There is a 94th Precinct Community Council meeting tonight, which starts at 7:30pm at the Capital One Bank aka The Greenpoint Savings Bank building on Manhattan Avenue and Calyer Street. People who’d like to know more about the Franklin Street shooting, and/or express concern about it, should definitely turn out to this particular community council meeting. The meeting will also discuss the new crime stats that are out. – via CB1info

Today is a day of mourning. The G Train had a mock funeral this morning at Court Square, though the line has been pretty much on life support in Queens for a decade anyway. Anyone get a chance to attend this farce? – Second Avenue Sagas

Top shows Fringe and Life On Mars may be leaving NYC due to the possible loss of tax incentives. These shows film often right here in Greenpoint and although they can sometimes be a pain in the ass, there are some local establishments that are benefiting. Whenever they film inside one of our bars or homes, somebody’s getting paid for that. And come on, ain’t it cool to see those old cars parked on the block? – Filming in Brooklyn & The Urbanite

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend is coming around again this Friday and Saturday at Grasslands Gallery.

Those Desk Set-ters are having a dance party this Thursday night at The Diamond called “Good Librations”. Really, don’t you just love how witty those librarians are? RSVP on Facebook. Hex Ed Journal


The Apple coming to Brooklyn wishfest continues. This time with the possibility of it coming to the Williamsburg Edge. – CNN Money

More complaints about the chicken slaughterhouse. Is it gross? Sure. Is it uncool to wake up to screeching chickens off to meet their maker? Definitely. But does it also make Greenpoint, Greenpoint? Absolutely. Mr Chen sums it up with one sentence – “You can’t expect you come in and we move out.” Damn skippy! – The City

Another Walter Lynn Mosley Greenpoint original painting is up for grabs on eBay. This one shows the onion church in a great wintery scene. – eBay

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