Another clip that I’ve had bookmarked for awhile, but still interesting nonetheless. I like that this take on the McCarren Pool going back to a pool includes both hipsters and locals in it.

What’s super funny to me is that most locals I know would not be caught dead in that pool, yet they’re all for it becoming a pool again. Anything to stamp out the hipster happiness! Viva la Locals!

Personally I’m torn, since I like the idea of it being pretty and renovated and watery but I know I’d never use it and I know that I have and would go to concerts there. But the deed is done and back to a pool it shall be.

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  1. I’m torn as well. I am definitely more apt to use it as a concert space than a pool, but its original design was as a pool so it makes sense to let it be restored. I do think there should be a space in the area to continue to have live shows though, that’s one thing you just can’t get in most other places (in the entire world even) and walking 4-5 blocks from my apartment to see Sonic Youth or Ween makes my inner 16 year old feel giddy and lucky that I’ve had the ability to do that. It’s something that makes this place unique.

  2. I am a lifelong Pointer and remembered going to the pool with my mom. I lived on Lorimer Street and would go to the park all the time to play baseball, hang out and see all my friends. I remember my locker on the balcony area,I’d put my sneakers and towel in and never had to worry about anyone taking it….because we all knew each other and it was a “REAL NEIGHBORHOOD” back then…..Not like it is now. I am still a committed resident of this once nostalgic and wonderful community. I have one question to ask all the supposed “hipsters” (I call the Manabees….Manhattan Wannabes), What gives you the right to decide what is built, what is right and what the neighborhood needs?…..Respect the people who put Williamsburg or the Northside (NOT BILLYBURG) and Greenpoint on the map! We built this community! You trust fund babies need to put your time into this neighborhood before you can make any decisions on whats good for us as a community! Concerts, freaky stores that sell used clothing (Not vintage,it’d someones hand me downs…GARBAGE!) and weird looking animals who don’t take showers all belong in the village, not Greenpoint!


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