This question comes from Gabrielle:

do you guys think that greenpoint is missing a good restaurant?
some place to eat fresh, healthy, delicious and not too rip offey?

Well as questions go this one is pretty vague and pretty difficult to render untrue. Do I think Greenpoint is missing a good restaurant? No and Yes. I think we have a few really good restaurants. I’m a fan of Frost Restaurant, Acapulco, Greenpoint Coffee House, The Habitat, Karczma, Lomzynianka, Red Star and others. Do I think we could use more? Of course.

Someplace “fresh, healthy, delicious and not too rip-offey”? Absolutely!

I find almost everywhere in this neighborhood to be too rich for my blood nowadays. Basically Mexican and Polish food is all that’s within my budget lately. Guess I’m lucky that I like them both.

If I had to answer specifically what we’re missing – it’s something open late. Greenpoint is a ghost town after 8pm. And on Sundays and Mondays, it’s even worse. Something that stayed open til say 10pm during the week and even later on weekends would be awesome. Sometimes I forget to eat all day until it’s 10 at night!


Anyone else have suggestions or wish lists?

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  1. Totally agree on a place that's open later! If nothing else just a diner that's open late that I can hit on a nice stumble home from L&F or Tommy's. I'd love it if Sunset Diner stayed open later

  2. you can check out 68 restaurant at 68 Greenpoint Ave between Franklin and west. Adjacent to Coco 66. They serve till midnight and have a full bar as well.

    Or maybe Alligator Lounge on Franklin and Greenpoint where you can get a personal size pizza with every drink!

    I also agree that we need more options for late night eats. Who in NY really eats before 9 or 10 pm anyways.
    More late night food would win in our hood.

  3. I am also a fan of both Karczma (although I prefer King’s Feast near the corner of Norman and Manhattan) and Acapulco. I also like the thai food at Amarin. However, my favorite food on Earth is Italian and I believe that good Italian food is what Greenpoint is sorely lacking! The only Italian restaurant (not including pizza joints) I know of is Divine Follie, which is mediocre at best. Entrepreneurs of Greenpoint: open up an Italian restaurant and I will come buy baked ziti from you every day!

  4. Dan – you’re spot on with an Italian restaurant. Frost is one of my favorites (as is Bamonte’s) but I would love if there was one even closer to my house that was good. I’ve never had Divine Follie personally but I’ve not heard anything good about them.

    And a lazer tag arena in a building shaped like a spaceship sounds good, too. lol

  5. Cafecito (serves Colombian Arepas and French Sandwiches) is a pretty good option. These folks are usually open until 10p on weeknights and 11p-midnite on Friday and Saturday. Good, fresh, healthy, tasty food and wine, and not a rip-off at all since most food items are under like $7.95 and wine is 5-6 bucks.

  6. Good Korean and Indian Food!!

    (Little korea was The WORST)
    (that place imperial palace was ehhh)

    And a cute little music shop to play instruments (main drag in Wburg is great but it’s a trek sometimes)

    And agreed all of the below.

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