My sister GG’s friend & local Greenpoint artisan Liz of Liz’s Looking Glass just emailed me about East Coast Aliens (216 Franklin Street) moving and selling off a mountain of various furniture and equipment. Ooooo a mini fridge!

Hi Justine! I’m a friend of your sister and I love your blog. I just wanted to give you a heads up that my downstairs neighbors East Coast Aliens are moving out and selling lots of furniture and movie-related equipment and other interesting things tomorrow and Sunday from 10 – 6, here’s a link to their Craigslist ad.

Unscrupulous landlord + recession = GOOB

Help us recoup a bit of our investment and support us mentally
Open House Saturday & Sunday 10AM to 6PM

216 Franklin Street Brooklyn 11222


Tables & chairs
Couches fabric & leather
Full size Sealy Posturepedic mattress & box
inflatable matresses
Metal Art deco desk wtih drawers on wheels
1 Metal 5 drawers flat files

Appliances & Fixtures

stove top & oven
1 regular fridge + freezer and 1 small fridge with ice compartment
blender & some kitchenware
portable electric heaters, air conditioners including one split unit and fans
vacuum cleaners, shop vac & hoover floor mate
various sinks including a stainless steel deep industrial sink

Sound & Vision

televisions large & small no flat panel hd
dvd players, vcrs & combos
lcd screens; one hd POLAROID flat screen monitor
Yamaha receiver
Mackie Mixing Board 1202 VLZ Pro
Samson Studio Amplifier
Shure Beta 58 mike
large projection screen
16 mm & slide projectors
vintage typewriter
CDs, unusual books, DVDs & video tapes

Silkscreen & Art Supplies

Ranar Jetstar Conveyor Dryer
Brown Fast Flash FF2020 Dryer
self made transfer table
drying racks on wheels
Victory Factory Aluminum and wood large & small screens
various bottles of chemicals
Buckets & cans of spraypaint

Photo Equipment

Durst Camcap Enlarger
Berkey Omega Color Enlarger
+ lenses, color spotting kit
Photo paper Dryer
old cameras & flashes
various colors backdrops

and much more…. too many items for photos; ask for details or come say hello & goodbye

Thanks Liz 🙂

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