The Z train get a funeral and goes the way of the H.

The Greenpoint YMCA has Shirtless Sundays. – Ripping Apart

Lost and Found is officially permanently ‘lost’ and Alligator Lounge Part Deux is ‘found’. Free pizza seems to be the selling point. – NYCDAILYDEALS

The curious case of the missing bicycle tire involves the 94th cops taking it into custody as evidence. Really? Is it needed for that big Law & Order style trial going to take place? – Cory Forsyth

John Ericsson, Greenpoint’s historical pride and joy, lived at 95 Franklin Street and with all those bronze plaques that went missing, you can have this mini one for your desk and bring a little Gpoint to work with you everyday. – Brooklyn Paper & eBay


The Brooklyn Paper mentions Gpoint’s newest restaurant River Barrel and also mentions the new Lovin’ Cup Cafe on N 6th Street which boasts feeding hungry hipsters (isn’t that an oxymoron? Or a paradox? Or something.) until 4am.

Catbird closes it’s Metropolitan Ave store. I have to agree with Racked that that location always seemed really odd to me. Their having a huge sale with 50-75% off until their lease is fully up. Their Bedford Ave shop is still kickin’.

The Manhattan Ave Washington Mutual branch is closing. Even more interesting, what will go in the double store front space? Xtra reopened around Christmas in a smaller place across the street, so maybe this will be a win-win and we’ll get something decent. My gut says it will just be replaced by another bank. Sigh. – Neighborhood Threat

The Brooklyn Paper launches The Brooklyn Wire (gotta love that pigeon logo!). The Brooklyn Wire is basically an aggregater. “The aggregation — which captures all Brooklyn stories posted on a wide variety of local blogs (including yours truly!), Internet pages and newspaper Web sites — is automatically updated every 20 minutes with fresh local coverage“.

They’re open. They’re closed. They’re open. They’re closed. They’re open? The Studio B saga rages on. – Eater

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  1. Are you kidding? That WaMu that they just opened is closing? What a waste of time and money!

    And I enjoyed Jarred’s ‘Shirtless Sundays’ blog, but his comments are turned off again.

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