Yesterday morning I found a note on the kitchen floor that was apparently slipped under my door. It was from the tenant directly below me.

Your radiator is leaking through my ceiling and it’s going to fall
down!! Can you shut off your radiator before it falls through my ceiling?! Call
Tommy the Super to fix it!

I’m a great neighbor. I never have loud parties at my place, I lower my music after 10pm and I pretty much don’t bother with anyone. But stupidity like this just aggravates me.

First off, if my radiator is leaking through to your apartment first and foremost you should be on the horn to the Super immediately. Clearly if the thing looks like it is going to “fall through the ceiling” (dramatic, much?) then I somehow doubt this is the first time you’ve noticed this.

Secondly, I’m supposed to “shut my radiator off”? So I’m supposed to simply freeze my tits off because there’s a problem with it? I shouldn’t maybe try and see what that problem is?

And finally, why are you telling me to call the super? Do I look like your fucking secretary? Are your fingers fucking broke?


Regardless, since I am neither stupid, lazy or inept at taking care of myself – I called the Super. He came while I was at work, simply tightened the thingamabob with a wrench and all is leak-free.

People really need to learn how to fucking take care of themselves. The Astrals ain’t exactly The Plaza and shit breaks. Regularly. But the Super is fantastic and takes care of things in a timely matter – the only thing is, you have to actually TELL him when something is wrong. And not in a snotty, bitchy way that you’re probably accustomed to speaking to people on the fucking internet, but in a nice, respectful way that indicates you’re not a total asshole.

And in the event that you’re reading this – I suggest you DO call Tommy and ask him to look at your ceiling because that radiator might have been leaking since last century and your ceiling might really actually fall down.

I’m not kidding.

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  1. Holy crap, Justine. The SAME thing happened to me when I lived in your apartment! I got a noted slipped under my door saying basically the same thing, to call Tommy and get it fixed. That time I managed to tighten it myself (it gets really bad in the winter, as I’m sure you’ve noticed) and let Tommy know the next time he was in there for something else, and he confirmed that that was all I had to do. But the best part was, I saw the woman who lived downstairs in the hall a few days later and tried to start a conversation with her, and she just flat out IGNORED me. So you can shove anonymous notes under my door but you can’t give me the time of day in person? Real mature!

  2. Er, so you’d prefer for the radiator to actually fall through and then have to deal with a huge mess and a hole in the floor than respond to a brief note alerting you to a problem?

    It’s very common for radiators to leak into the apartment below – a lot of buildings even put up notices asking tenants to get the super to come and check and tighten their radiators at the start of the ‘heating season’.

    Either way, it was hardly a stern note!

  3. Did I not say that I called the Super and had it tightened?

    And also did I not pretty much say that it’s common for things to need maintenance?

    And my annoyance is not that it was a stern letter (it wasn’t) – it was a letter that was just filled with drama and ridiculousness. They should have ‘alerted’ me to the problem WAY before it looked like the ceiling would collapse. And should have contacted the super themselves. I don’t like when people leave notes with exclamation points and ‘instructions’ for me unless they’re paying me.

    It’s just the lack of common sense people have.

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