Well, the fucking Giants lost and football is now officially dead to me. Time to focus on the Rangers.

When one restaurant closes, another one opens. Or so it seems on Franklin Street. River Barrel opened on New Years Day and it seems that Casa Mon Amour is closing it’s doors. I’m not a fan of French food and so when Beatrice changed her menu from Dominican to French, I stopped ordering. But Beatrice was a lovely woman and a fantastic hostess. – Neighborhood Threat

Mmmmm, sexy Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are filming around town for Sherlock Holmes. – Gothamist

Eater has a plywood report on the old Polish knick-knack store. It was kind of like a tourist place to pick up souvenirs from Greenpoint for Polish people. And it carried stuff from Poland. They moved (more appropriately) to Nassau Avenue. But in it’s place there is now plywood surrounding it. No idea what’s going to go here but evidently something is! – Eater

I don’t really get over to the other side of Greenpoint that often which is ironic since I grew up on that side and almost never came to this side when I was a kid. But there’s an adorable (seriously, look at that pic!) little vegan sandwich shop on Kingsland & Beadel called Boneshakers. I’m not a vegan and even I’m tempted to check it out. – via NYPress


And in even more restaurant news, Ichiran Ramen is going to open as a “Members Only” place. This is old news and I probably should’ve been a more pro-active blogger and snagged one of the applications but yeah, well, I’m not that person. – Grub Street

You never get to use that Master in Fine Arts degree you got? Well why not make a charity Valentine for Fred Flare? – Racked

I have the urge to take after this blogger and read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, too, now. “The first chapter was filled with the likes of Grand, Graham, Manhattan, Devoe, Metropolitan, Ainslie not to mention the park by my house, the local school, our library, the old Greenpoint hospital.” I feel like a bad Brooklynite for not knowing this. – An Apple a Day

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Real World Brooklyn debuted and yeah, I’m kinda not thrilled with it but I will watch it. They seem so goody-goody. I am kinda digging on Ryan, though. And Top Chef New York (BROOKLYN!!) is more than fulfilling my local reality tv needs. – MTV & Bravo

To me, this is brilliance and I seriously, seriously wish I thought of it. Hyperbodega. From Gothamist:

A couple of “enterprising hipsters in Brooklyn” have launched the latest in late night delivery services, called HyperBodega. The NY Times reports on Abe Jellinek and Keron Richardson’s venture, which offers 7 day/week delivery, from 10 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. They’ll bring “beer, cigarettes, condoms, plantain chips, cat food and other such items directly to doorsteps in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick.” When an order comes in one of the men runs out to a bodega, picks up the goods and delivers them—charging a fee based on what is ordered.

Totally fucking brill.

Greenpoint & Williamsburg parents – you’re getting your blog on, huh? – Two Hours til Naptime

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  1. You’ve never read “A Tree Grows”? You are a bad Brooklynite!

    Seriously, although aspects of the book are dated, it is still a compelling story. It was made into a movie, too, but the book is better, richer and more complex.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  2. i read a tree grows in brooklyn a few years ago because i wrote a song and titled it ‘a manifest destiny grows in brooklyn’ and decided it was fucked up that i’d never read the book. it is really compelling. my mom reread it because i had talked to her about it and she was amazed at some of the things in the book (condoms for one). because she read it as a kid.

    anyway, boneshakers is awesome and is the only place i’ve ever gotten coffee delivered from without any spillage. be warned though, that makeout party sandwich is a serious acid reflux party. so spicy.

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