Just a quickie here from reader J:

Thanks Justine for blogging about our new place River Barrel. I hope everyone has gotten a chance to see that the new sign, with the proper spelling of the restaurant and the phone number is up and ready to go for opening day tomorrow! We will be open for brunch at 10am and hope everyone in the neighborhood joins us to celebrate the new year in a brand new restaurant.

Last night we had a small get together to celebrate Mrs. Kim, one of the owners birthday, and many local business owners joined us; David and Bret of Wine Cellar Sorbets, Mary and Mark of Kill Devil Hill, Michele of Dalaga, Tommy and Roy of Alter, among others. I will be adding the pictures to our new Facebook page later tonight. Thanks to all the locals who have been showing support to us in this new endeavor, including yourself, we hope to see everyone tomorrow on opening day!

I’m going to try my best to make it to their opening day brunch tomorrow, however first we’ll see how tonight goes… I may not be functioning enough to handle brunch!

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