The Greenpoint Merchants Association is alive!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the newly formed Greenpoint Merchant’s Association and this week Gina of Zaya’s Appliances emailed their great holiday ad featuring all the sponsors such as The Garden, Greenpoint Travel, Wizard Electronics, Saporo Haru and more.

She also mentioned that finally, the NYC Clean Streets have gone into effect!

Hi! Here is the final ad for the Greenpoint Business Association and if you haven’t noticed BID started cleaning the streets this past Monday. They are doing Manhattan Ave and some of Nassau. Merry Christmas!!! Gina

It would be great to see additional businesses join in so please feel free to email greenpointbiz [at] gmail [dot] com to inquire about the Greenpoint Business Association.

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  1. Maybe if some of the local merchants would help contribute to LOCAL causes LOCAL customers would shop there..Are we all forgetting not that many merchants want to contribute to the lights or any good causes in Greenpoint?
    Just looking to make a buck and not putting SOME of it back into the NEighborhood is not good..

  2. Hey Rick,

    Do you own a small business? Merchants are hit up multiple times every day for “good causes”, just because they didn’t support your “good cause” doesn’t mean they haven’t given to other things all year long. Also…43% of revenue from independent, local businesses stays in the community, as opposed to only 14% from chains. Have a heart people have put their life savings into their dreams, and deserve support.

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