I am catching up on emails from some readers and this one has been in my inbox for a pretty long time. I wanted to have the time to actually view it – and it was worth the wait. Hysterical!

Hi Justine!

I’m a big fan of Greenpointers. I’m writing because I thought you guys might be interested in my sketch comedy group Rhoda’s new video, “Single & Cooking!”, a harrowing look at a Food Network production gone horribly awry, which takes place in a Greenpoint apartment. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much and have a great day!

Leila Cohan

Rhoda: Sketch comedy where every night is ladies’ night.
Written and performed by Leila Cohan, Halina Newberry Grant, Jocelyn Guest, and Abigail Murphy
Directed by Julie Klausner

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