offManhattan has a visual post treat with A Self-Guided Brooklyn Graffiti Tour focusing on Williamsburg. – offManhattan

Scandinavian artist Karin Ström does a top ten of things to do on a Sunday in Greenpoint. I’m oddly attracted to her bumblebee stripe outfit. – It’s a Trap!

McCarren Park destruction and demo has begun and the Skate Park is scheduled to be completed by Spring. This would’ve came in handy twenty years ago when I hungout with a group of skateboarders and freestylers. It would had saved me two trips a day trooping over the Pulaski to Honeywell parking lot in LIC. – Curbed

Speaking of McCarren Park work, they’ve also started restoration on the pool arch. I can only imagine how nasty it is up on that upper level above the arch. That’s been closed for so many years it must be a pigeon mess. – Curbed

Got $6 Mil to spare? Well then you can own 765 Manhattan Avenue. Apparently the corner building that houses Suzie’s Boutique and Europa as well as other tenants is for sale. – Trulia


Loftlife does a video interview for West and Green which I still have yet to check out personally, but via email I’ve found out they’re having a Holiday Sale with 25% off their entire Home Furnishings Inventory. – YouTube & Email

Pick up Captain John Ericsson: The Father of the Monitor for your Greenpoint history reading fix on eBay for under $3.

Greenpoint is getting smarter. Well, more like people who are moving here are book smarter.

The census didn’t count ironic beards or tight pants, but Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s hipsterization is symbolized by the neighborhoods’ skyrocketing population of scholars.

There are about 80 percent more college graduates in the area than there were in 2000, and Masters degrees and doctorates are up by more than a third, to 10 percent of the residents.

Still, Williamsburg-Greenpoint has to do some studying to catch up with Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill, where fully 30 percent of residents have a Masters degree or higher.

Yeah and the rate of self righteous, condescending assholes using five dollar vocabulary words is growing at the same rate. What a shocker. – Brooklyn Paper

Citizen Skein has some great photos of a hawk in McGolrick Park. There’s no mistaking this guy for a pigeon that’s for sure. – Musings On ‘Point

Shop the Franklin Street shop of Hayden-Harnett online. Ya know, if you’re just too lazy to walk there. They’re also having a sick sale online of 60% off a featured item every day from now until December 25th. Great for last minute shoppers. – Hayden-Harnett

Ok, now I’m off to vegetate on the couch. Quite the Saturday night, no?

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