There’s a story today in the Daily News about “dangerous vapors” running amok in Greenpoint homes.

State testing 450 Greenpoint homes sitting on plume of toxic chemicals

I’m not exactly agreeing with homeowner John Curcio who “declined to have tests done on his Beadel St. home because he fears the investigation is a “scam” designed to condemn homes.” But I am not surprised at his reaction. I’m not denying that there’s unsafe levels of whatever-you-call-it but the fact is that there’s been crazy toxic shit (sometimes literally) all over Greenpoint for years. If it isn’t the Exxon oil river beneath us or the disgusting Newtown Creek or the Asian Long-Horned Beetle, it’s the factories that were here a century ago. I mean give me a fucking break already.

We should look like the people in The Hills Have Eyes by now.

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