I received an email this week from Zayas Appliance in regards to my previous posts about the Manhattan Avenue Christmas lights. Gina at Zaya’s gave me the lowdown on those who can be counted on to support the community and I say put those businesses on your shopping lists. I’d much rather support a business that looks out for the ‘hood than one that does not. And I’ll take this moment to address Belvedere Realty especially.

Some people may have shit to say about the Belvedere buildings going up around the neighborhood but if you grew up here you know the real deal. You know that there are many houses in Greenpoint that are not kept up to standards and well if Belvedere wants to come in and buy buildings that aren’t in the greatest shape and turn them into new and attractive spaces, then that’s fine with me. I’d rather see a Belvedere XXIII or whatever number they’re up to than a shithole falling apart. It ups the value of the homes on the blocks for people who can and do take care of their homes. Let’s face it, Greenpoint’s row houses aren’t exactly architectural masterpieces and if one’s falling down or rotting away, then I’d rather see the Belvedere’s come in with their Fedders air conditioning units and 4×4 balconies and improve it. And now that I hear they give back to the community, I’m even more behind them. Not everything new is detested by locals in the hood.

It seems Zaya’s is heading up a Greenpoint Merchant’s Association which would be a great thing for businesses to get involved in. If you’re a business in Greenpoint and interested in being a real part of the community contact Gina Lusardi at 718-349-2649.

Hi! I am writing to you from Zayas Appliance 845 Manhattan Ave. Just read your blog about the lights. I have collected $$$$ for the lights for the past 7 years, can I tell you it is the worst job ever! Merchants on Manhattan ave are the stingiest and p.s sometimes the richest, people I have ever encountered. To get $100 a year out of them, to support our neighborhood and say thank you to the patrons is like asking them to hand over their first born. I would be more then happy to give you a list of the people who gladly support the lights, there are only a few! Right now I am trying to put together 10 merchants to give $100 each for a full page “shop local” ad in WG for the holidays, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is.

Anyway, a group of us have formed the Greenpoint Merchants Assoc. It’s taken a good 10 years. Now we need to get the merchants to sign on to the NYC Clean Streets program, that’s going to cost thousands, but we need it! Why are people so stingy????

FYI These merchants can always be counted on when it comes time to give back:

Zayas Appliance
Wizard Electronics
Greenpoint Travel
Greenpoint Furniture
The Garden
Belvedere Realty
Natural Cleaners (sometimes)

And that is it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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