It’s been awhile since I got my blog buzz on… here’s a quickie.

I came across this blog for Lakehouse Brooklyn which appears to be a new place for parents and their kiddies. There’s Toddler Story Time and lots of baby and me yoga going on over at 61 Greenpoint Avenue. Their December calendar is up and from the looks of it, I would say that this is the first Park Slopian like effort to organize our own stroller mafia here in Greenpoint. That said, I still think it’s awfully sweet. I must be ovulating.

Everyone is talking about the 40 story tower that was unanimously approved by CB1 for the Greenpoint waterfront. A reader writes:

CB 1 has approved a 40 (FORTY) storey tower for huron and west streets. As you know, the tallest buldings in North Greenpoint are the church spires. I think this will change the feel of the neighborhood forever, in a negative way. Also they are talking about an affordable housing component – but we all know what happened to average rents in LIC since they built the towers there. Anyway, just though you should know.

Curbed shared renderings of it a couple of weeks ago and although it looks completely uncharacteristic for the neighborhood, I’m not getting my panties in a bunch just yet. The economy is dismal and I wonder if this would actually be able to get funding. Condos are sitting unsold in many of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint neck of the woods. I prefer to take a wait and see approach. But the thing is, I’m not all that upset by it. The waterfront is desolate and unused so exactly what is it that we want to see go there? Or should it just sit there as it has for the last few decades? The times, they are a-changin’. – Curbed

Speaking of shiny new buildings – The Edge put out a call for the poor housing folks to come live in their shiny new building. I got wind of this from a friend last week who sent me a link to fill out an application. I applied personally, which is partly why I didn’t blog about it – cause I’m greedy, yo. If I got even a fleeting chance of getting into a place that is clean and in my hood, I’m going for it. The sad, sad thing is I pay way more for the shithole I live in and just the thought of being able to move into something better for a lower price makes me all warm and fuzzy. The first step was just a quick thing to fill out but I imagine if I am ‘chosen’ the stuff I will need to show will be a clusterfuck of paperwork. And I imagine my absolutely horrendous credit history will be the first thing that gets me shot down. Sigh.


But for the record it isn’t actually to live in the shiny fresh new building, exactly… The Williamsburg Courier had more details on the actual living quarters for the poor folks.

All of the affordable units will be rentals, while all of the market-rate units will be condominiums. The affordable units sit closer to Kent Avenue than the market rate units, which are directly on the waterfront. And the 40,000 square feet of amenity space for the market-rate units – including two fitness centers, a sports facility, screening rooms, and a video game room – will not be available for residents of the affordable units.

However, each affordable apartment will have central air-conditioning, dishwashers, and hardwood floors. There is also a laundry room in the basement of both buildings.

Although there will be no ‘high-end’ amenities, the thought of a dishwasher is amenity enough for my ass. – Williamsburg Is Dead, Williamsburg Courier, Williamsburg Community Apartments,

I think the male version of me, living the male version of my life, wrote this seven day diary. Seriously, I want him to be my new best friend. – Daily Intel

Oh – gotta run to darts – post over!

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