Is Lost and Found closed? Last week I noticed their Ferris Wheel sign was falling and today the entire wheel is gone and the windows are papered over.

I’ve been out of town for the holiday weekend so I haven’t heard anything about it…

Update 12/1 @ 1:45pm: As per the comments and an email I received from John Del Signore over at Gothamist, it appears that as per the bartender at Pencil Factory, Lost & Found is closed for renovations to install a little pizza kitchen. The concensus is now they may be offering free pizza with beer now instead of hot dogs. We’ll see!

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  1. We tried to go play skiball a week or week and a half ago, and it was all closed up (like your picture).

    I remember a couple months ago on Williamsburg is dead:
    They mentioned it was going to change from free hot dogs to free pizza…could this be a renovation? Or will something completely different open?

    Speaking of this corner…the Beer Spa…looks like it is going to be more like a Beer Store….their sign looks awesome.

  2. Hey, I asked a bartender at the bar formerly known as "Lost & Found" what happened to the sign last month. He said they got bought by the same people who own the Crocodile (or Alligator..?) Lounge, and will be renovated and reopened under a new name tbd. The good news is new owners will bring with them free pizza with every drink purchased. The bad news: word's still out on whether the skee-ball and Ms Pacman machines will survive.

  3. Actually, it’s been owned by the group that owns the Alligator Lounge and The Charleston (and the Crocodile in Manhattan) for some time, but stayed with the hot dogs instead of the pizza that’s served in those places.

    So it makes some sense that they want to bring it in line with the rest of the empire.

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