I’ve been slacking in the blogging department. But hey, I’m fucking busy. I was out of town Thursday to Tuesday and I even made sure to write a couple of posts that would post while I was away but it hasn’t been anything of substance lately, I know.

But time is limited. I work late most nights, I’ve been seeing friends during the week more, trying to skip town on the weekends more and things like this blog just fall behind. I imagine the same has to go for the other girls as well.

There are other bloggers with lots more time on their hands that I’m sure can fulfill your reading needs but this one is just gonna keep chugging along at a kind of ‘whenever’ and ‘whatever’ pace. Kind of how I like to live my life.

With that said here’s a fat Blog Buzz to chew on.

NYC Pet Supplies in Williamsburg is hosting a kitten and cat adoption day this Saturday 11/22 from 1-6pm at their shop at 241 Bedford Ave. between N. 3rd and 4th Sts. Phone: 718-387-2220. North Brooklyn animal advocacy group, Empty Cages Collective will show off their cutest kittens of all sizes, and a couple of cool cats, rescued from the streets of New York City. Enter the raffles for exciting prizes, and contribute to the food bank for the homeless animals waiting for forever homes.


Greenpoint is for the rats! And Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights, too. The DOH has a website for RIP (Rat Information Portal). But the best is one guys comment. “Listen this is Brooklyn…there are rats,” he said. – 1010 Wins

The community board meeting Monday night was apparently an ‘Us vs Them’ event. I could write a diatribe on this but the truth of the matter is most of my readers are ‘Them’. Half my friends don’t even know I write this or care for that matter. I mentioned the drama I’d been having and they looked at me like I had six heads. “Really? Some stupid bitch is writing crap about you on the computer? Who gives a fuck?” Pure wisdom. – Brooklyn Paper

Ready to see what the India Street End Park will look like? Join GWAPP — Greenpoint Waterfront Association for Parks & Planning on Saturday Nov 22nd at 3PM at the water end of India St to review the plans for the new park. OSA Open Space Alliance’s Stephanie Thayer and Joe Vance will walk through the plans and field any questions or concerns.

The Greenpoint Lions Club Food Drive is this weekend, Fri., Nov. 21 6 to 9PM, Sat. and Sun., Nov. 22 and 23 9AM to 6PM. The Greenpoint Lions Club will be holding their annual supermarket food drive to help families in our community. Volunteers will be at the entrances of the Keyfood store on McGuinness Blvd. and Met Foods, on Russell and Driggs. – Greenpoint Gazette

Block Magazine did a story on the On-Point Cyclones and hopefully this will help get the word out even more so. Times are tough everywhere but this program helps kids get scholarships to better high schools and eventually colleges. This is a community necessity. – Block Magazine

In the world of reality tv, Top Chef New York premiered last week and the first challenge was having the cheftestants pull knives of different neighborhoods known for their popular ethnic cuisines. Most were pretty obvious. Little India, Chinatown, Little Italy. Then the more interesting (yet still pretty obvious to any true NYer) ones of Brighton Beach for Russian and Astoria for Greek. But LIC for Middle Eastern? Really? That didn’t seem so obvious to me and the store they were shopping in looked like your average bodega. Why didn’t they choose Greenpoint for Polish food? It’s such an obvious choice and the show is living in a condo overlooking McCarren Park for fucks sake. It was just annoying.

Tom does his review on Peter Pan and he gives it raves. I mean, what else did you expect? The place fucking rocks! – Critical Reviews

The New York Times Critical Shopper visits Fred Flare. “I didn’t realize I was so starved for lightheartedness. But it makes sense: If you feel as if you have been emotionally, professionally and politically run over by a tank for the last, say, eight years, then the well-selected, fun merchandise and carbonated energy of Fred Flare will bring a smile on your cautious, crabby face.” Awwww. – NYTimes

The Boston Globe comes to visit Little Krakow. – The Boston Globe

The job market is sucking right now but if you’ve got some skills you can get a part time gig to help pay the bills in the ‘hood. Enid’s is looking for a weekend line cook and a local joint is searching for tattoo artists.

And I’ve decided to shut off anonymous commenting due to the same three commenters trying to rattle my feathers. It’s silly for people to be anonymous when every stupid comment has it’s IP address logged. So when I noticed that the three nasty commenters are all from the same three IP’s it kinda becomes a moot point. Ok, I get it there’s three people who hate me (or maybe just one or two from a couple of different places!) Everyone else has really great comments, some disagree and some agree, but for the ones who have such strong hatred for someone they don’t even know, I say a little Prozac in your morning cereal wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

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