Every year the stores along The Avenue are all asked to contribute towards the lights and electrical costs of the displays. But every year, more and more stores don’t pay. Last year the Greenpoint Lions club footed most of the bill as they always do and sadly, this year they cannot do it again.

Now although this year is a tough one for everyone, the fact is that this has gone on for many years. But The Greenpoint Lions, in all that they do for this community just can’t foot the bill this and that might mean no Christmas decorations for the Avenue. And can you believe that with TWO Rite-Aids on Manhattan Avenue even they don’t put a penny in the pot?

It would be great if in a tough time like this the stores along The Avenue could help out so an already bleak holiday season, isn’t made any bleaker.

Cause it would be a real shame if the local stores didn’t want to participate or give back to the community, but gladly take your holiday money.

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  1. On Halloween, I take notice of the stores that give and don’t give candy to the neighborhood children. The one’s that dont’, I don’t patronize during the year. At Christmas time, if I hear there’s a problem shaking change out of their pockets, I shop elsewhere. The way I feel is there is more good cheer and lighting on the internet as opposed to shopping on on unlit avenue. I’ll shop online this year.

  2. I always thought the Manhattan Ave decorations went up too early (in 2006 they were up before Halloween), but I’ll really miss the cheer they bring. Any word if the Greenpoint Lions will try to raise funds from Greenpoint residents?

  3. I have some issues with the lights too; I agree with Matt, they sometimes go up way too early. (I forget where I was– Sunset Park or Bay Ridge, & lights there were up just after Helloween.)

    That said, Fuck You Rite-Aid. Or wait, is it Fuck You Eckerd? Either way, I despise all those stores, every neighborhood. The stores are shit and the jobs are shit, as the lousy attitude and service from those who work there proves.

    On the other hand, maybe it'd be sweet turnabout if a few cute, innocent gals like myself go in and rack a few boxes of lights, then a few boxes more. I've always boycotted these creeps and tried to keep my biz with Ma & Pa Greenpoint but now I have a reason to visit that's not the occasional desperation (i.e. a chain store shithole is the only thing open.)


    Beadel Debevoise
    Who Walk In Brooklyn

  4. Yeah F-Rite Aid. I walked by the one at Greenpoint and Manhattan today and I noticed what looks like a newly posted sign saying something like, “Open for Business.” I’m hoping that they had to put that up because they weren’t getting much foot traffic. Don’t get me wrong, like Beadel, you might find me in the other one from time to time, but those big stores bum me out. Eckerg, Rite Aid, whatever. (All owned by the same parent company–crazy.)

    On a tangent… I wanted to buy some fresh fish the other day and went looking for the fish store that used to be on the West side of Manhattan Ave. Couldn’t find it. Anyone else remember that place? Has it been gone for years? (I rarely cook fish at home.)

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