So Saturday night I posted a personal post – it was up for 7 whole hours. It was old local Greenpoint stuff. I ran into a girl on my home Saturday night that I fought with last in 1992. She remembered me and I remembered her. Both of us drunk, a few words exchanged and I punched her in the face.

Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but things are done a little differently among us old schoolers. That was not assault and the girl just knows that she had it coming and now the shit is dead. If someone punched me in the face, I would just punch them back. I wouldn’t be a pussy press charges. And even though I don’t like this girl, I know she’s no pussy.

My post was about how good it felt after all of these years to finally get to kick her ass. And it got me thinking about another girl in the nabe that I had a similar problem with and how I wish I could’ve kicked her ass too. If you’ve ever been in a fight you know that shit gets your adrenaline pumping. I came home and wrote about it. Case closed.

Or so one would think. I posted it on Greenpointers instead of my personal private blog. Easy mistake, I was signed in under my personal email account and it just happened. I find it hard to believe that’s never happened to anyone else. I even posted a ‘correction’ the next morning. I was actually pretty surprised that I didn’t get any emails about people wondering – or rather assuming – who it was about. I was so glad to avoid the drama.

Until tonight.


I seriously do not know what it is I did to this Miss Heather person but she’s starting to scare me a little. A reader emailed this post of hers to me and I just really can’t believe how she’s that obsessed with me. I don’t even read her blog anymore because of the LAST crazy shit she pulled with me. It’s one thing to have someone who has the nerve to confront you and fight like a (wo)man but someone who skulks around and types and stalks you online is a totally scary thing.

My guess is she thinks that the post was about her because, uh, she’s completely self absorbed? I don’t know. I have a shitload of other things going on in my life besides “Miss” Heather. I have 33 years of knowing people in this neighborhood. I can barely walk two blocks without seeing someone I know. That’s friends and enemies. People who I have real beefs with, not whatever it is that we had.

I can’t believe that this woman is reading me constantly and waiting for me to write anything that she can try and morph into her. I sincerely can’t believe it. Miss Heather, do you want me to stop blogging? Is that it? Then will you leave me alone? Cause if that’s what it is, I’ll do it. It’s not worth it to have you writing and saying these hateful things about me and watching me like a hawk. I mean you know where I live – are you watching my house? I just don’t know, and it’s creeping me out.

I mean Jesus, do you see all the time she spent researching and taking screenshots and all sorts of nutty shit on that post? It’s really, really, really, creepy. And the thing is it’s not like I can just go over and kick her ass. You think I’m crazy? She’ll dial 911 and have me in arguing a misdemeanor in court for fifteen years for any scratch I give her. This is like that movie Fatal Attraction. She does all this crazy nonsense but God forbid if I ever tried to do something about it, she’d boil my bunny!

Look, this sort of stuff is sooooooo weird to me. I’m truly, truly uncomfortable with knowing how much you must watch me and I just want it to stop. I have no idea why you wrote that crazy post about me in August and I have no idea why you think that whenever I talk about someone negatively in my blog, I mean you. I don’t Heather. I don’t read your blog, which is why I didn’t even see this post until someone emailed it to me. It’s just tiring, Heather.

What is it that you want? What can I do to make you just get over it and go away?

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  1. I’m a lover not a fighter but it seems the other blogger has forgotten her little 3am rant on myspace where she spoke about you, your family, judged you and never apologized.

    and yes all the documentation is more than a tad disturbing.

    who knew?

  2. i’ve read both blogs off and on… yours more often. and i enjoy the grit in your writing. just seems like you wear your heart on your sleeve and that’s way more cool than making fun of someone just because there’s nothing else to write about. most of your readers would prob agree. cheers.

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