I’m not dead, but this weekend I sure felt like it. I partied a little too hearty on Halloween and spent the rest of the weekend re-learning simple motor skills.

Work is busy and Greenpointers other bloggers are busy, too. Blogging has taken a backseat this week but I’m sure you kept yourself entertained with all that Election stuff. I think I’m the only person in the U.S. who didn’t bother to vote.

I missed a lot of stuff that people emailed me – sorry if I didn’t post your event or gig, but I’m sure you’ll have another one, so keep ’em coming.

I’ll try to get a post up this week but tonight I got dinner with my sister, tomorrow night darts and then wouldn’t ya know it – it’s the weekend again. More brain cells to lose.

Bored? Be the next Jackson Pollack.


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  1. Random running into you this morning while I was getting my nicotine and coffe fix before work. I have to say I jelous you live right next to the Label but I suppose thats just me being lazy seeing as how I only walk two blocks…

  2. i completely died too. In the blogging world, mostly because my camera has yet again gone missing. In the real world, because I have not been able to make my lifestyle and my rapidly increasing age to mesh.

  3. im dead too. or at least, dead to greenpoint for the time being. ive been exiled in queens because i was kicked out of my lovely apartment in NaBedLo triangle. but im working hard to save money and to find a new roommate so can get back to the gpt. my blood runs green afterall!!!

  4. I hate people like you. You’re the types who are always fighting for people’s rights and yet if someone does something that you don’t approve of you jump down their throat.

    Voting is my right and I don’t necessarily have to exercise that right if I don’t want to.

    I believe in letting everyone do what they want to do. Gays should be allowed to get married, rednecks should be allowed to have guns, women should be allowed to have abortions, assisted suicides should be legal and I can go on and on. I don’t bother telling people how they should fucking live. I’ve got my own life.

    You should get one, too.

  5. hate is such a strong word, thrown around way too liberally these days.

    nice blog.

    i disagree with the choice you made on not voting, civic duties are cool and necessary to allow all the liberties you seem to support.

    Go-Go GP reporting.

  6. You’re right, hate is a strong word thrown around too liberally. But I gotta admit, hate is exactly the feeling I have for people like that.

    I support everyone who wants to vote and of course our right to do so. Some years I vote, some years I don’t. This is one of the years I didn’t.

    Also, any more BS anonymous comments on my right to not vote if I want to, won’t be published so don’t bother.

    And thanks Kennyp. 🙂

  7. Actually, voting is not about your right to do so or not—voting is your civic duty. This should be especially important to someone who often talks about being unemployed and various political issues. To not get out and vote is just lame. Was there a day long happy hour that you had to make, or was it some wing eating contest that you couldn’t miss?

    With this blog you place your actions and opinions before the public and by doing so you open yourself up to comments and criticism. To slam someone who commented on your apathy is just lame.

    While I will agree that New York Shitty’s MySpace comments were out of line, I don’t believe that calling you on not voting was anything short of deserved.

  8. I didn’t like either of the candidates, I wasn’t registered and is it my civic responsibility to throw away my vote on some third party candidate that I don’t know shit about?

    Maybe I was a bit harsh in my previous comments, I’ll admit that. I just don’t comprehend why some people feel the need to bug people for not doing something.

    I’ve done nothing but see people be chastised and ridiculed for being McCain supporters – how does something like that befit an Obama supported who’s supposedly for equality and change?

    I just think that so many people are hypocrites, including politicians that I don’t bother voting. I mean why do I have to be attacked for not supporting either candidate and not voting? Why does it have to be that I was in stead doing ‘a happy hour or a wing contest’?

    It just proves my point that even all of the democratic supporters aren’t really for democracy – they’re just for people who agree with their version of it. Equality is only for the people who think like you. Anyone else – Republican or Other (which I guess I fall under) is out.

    I never speak politics or religion because I have an unpopular view in both and no one discusses either without getting heated. So instead I’m not allowed to have a view – so I don’t take one, officially.

    I know many of you can’t understand that or don’t want to, but the least you can do is respect it. It’s what I do.

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