Today marks the official grand opening of the (insanely cute) Fred Flare store on Meserole. There will be champagne, shopping & tasty treats for all at 7pm sharp! – Metromix & Refinery29

Grub Street has a first look at the new Kellogg’s Diner and it sounds ridiculous. Zagat rated chefs, mixologists at the bar and a lobster tank? Seriously? Not that any of this sounds bad, it just sounds a little over the top. Hey, but they’re still going to open 24 hours. – Grub Street

That degenerate teacher’s aide who was touching cheerleaders at 126 earlier this year has finally been charged. “Johnathan Williams, 29, was arrested for allegedly groping, fondling and harassing at least nine girls and a boy at Junior High School 126.” – NYDN

Moving Sidewalk takes a quick trip to Greenpoint and sees a car crash into HSBC! Priceless. – Moving Sidewalk

On Saturday night I passed by Production Lounge and it was hopping. It looked like a premier party with velvet ropes and quite a few hoity-toity looking peeps. It looked insteresting nonetheless. Not something I imagine is going to last too long but I’d like to see it find it’s niche. There are worse places in this neighborhood, that’s for sure.


This Saturday there’s fun for the fam at the McCarren Park Harvest Festival where alongside the Saturday Greenmarket, you’ll find “apple pie to sample, apple cider to press, face painting, pumpkin decorating, and more!” and PS 132 is having their Annual Halloween Harvest Festival. A whole lotta harvesting going on in the ‘hood. – Eating In Translation & P.S. 132

This Sunday Black Rabbit is holding their First Annual Bobby Bingo Birthday Party. There promises to be outrageous prizes and free shots, plus an “intense competition as our most loyal bingo players compete for the coveted GOLDEN DOBBER AWARD! The Golden Dobber Winner gets free drinks at bingo for a year!” Wow, that does sound intense. – Black Rabbit

The Brooklyn Paper has a story titled What is a Brooklyn Girl? – If you’re originally from Brooklyn then you will find this HYSTERICALLY inaccurate. My favorite part? “Brooklyn girls push pedals: “A Brooklyn girl commutes on a bike and she probably rides with her baby on the back of it,” said Dave Dixon of Dixon’s Bicycle Shop in Park Slope.” That deserves an LOL. – The Brooklyn Paper

North Brooklyn is in store for another rezoning plan. “High-rise towers have become a common site in Williamsburg, both on the north and south sides, and the proposed rezoning is planned to limit major skyline and character changes throughout Greenpoint and East Williamsburg.” – Greenpoint Star via CB1info

The one room prision cell is for rent again! Remember it was being rented just a just a few months ago? Ooo but now it has that tasteful Ghostbusters poster. – The Brooklyn Paper

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  1. I find it telling that the only people they talked to were in neighborhoods close to Manhattan. They should try talking to people in Bensonhurst, Marine Park, Gravesend, Midwood, etc once in a while in these articles. Last I checked those neighborhoods were still in Brooklyn…

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