I’m sick. I had to come home from work today just because I am that sick. I have a raging cold that I just want to crawl into bed and sleep for a year. But because I cannot breathe out of EITHER nostril, sleep isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to do right now. So instead I’ll do a blog buzz that has been in progress for over a week. Yeah um, some of this shit is pretty old news already, but I’m too sick and tired to give a crap.

Sunday in the Park was the first time in a century that the Domino Waterfront was open to the public. A century! Dumbo Books of Brooklyn has a play by play of their day there. – Dumbo Books of Brooklyn

Somebody’s West Indian Nanny is mean to their precious pig-tailed girl at Laundry Land on Eckford. I can’t believe Greenpoint has nannies. What is this Park Slope? – I Saw Your Nanny

Motorino opened last Monday and the early Yelp reviews are positive. It also looks really nice inside. – Grub Street

Over the summer I mentioned I thought this Greenpoint/Williamsburg tote was cute. But under greater scrunity the New York Post points out that the bag misidentifies the Russian Orthodox church as “The Mosque”. Eeek! I would assume that the designers of the bag simply didn’t know the difference but then they go on and say:

“That’s just what everyone calls it, as in ‘Let’s meet at “The Mosque” side of the park,’ ” said Carter, who, along with Holt, runs a business called Brooklyn Novelty.

Um, hello, NO ONE calls it that. First off if there is anything that everyone calls it, it’s The Onion Church. Now see if they would’ve put THAT on there, the bag would’ve been true to the ‘hood. But just for the record, with names like Milton Carter and Derick Holt, I can GUARANTEE they are not from Greenpoint. Very likely not from Brooklyn and shit, I’d even go as far as to say not from New York.

Bob Buckley writes to Urbanite and give a little bit of back story and history on Nassau Ave’s Buckley’s Self Service sign. – Urbanite

The bodega across the street from my house changed signs and has been doing a little ‘renovating’. Apparently that’s curbed.com worthy. The comments have exploded into drama – what a shocker. – Curbed

It’s My Park! Day at McCarren Park now has happy hour at Enid’s after planned activities such as dodgeball, kickball, croquet and bulb planting. It’s just another hipster day in the park. – United Friends of McCarren Park

The Daily News has an article on how to do Brooklyn for under $100 a day. Suggestions such as staying at the Greenpoint Y and looking for bargain vintage on Franklin St. at Kill Devil Hill antiques for our hood. – NYDN

Lucky Encounters goes to BARC and walks the most adorable (and adoptable!) black poodle mix Oreo. – Viddler.com

The financial crisis starts to hit home but the business owners are optimistic. Graham Avenue local businesses who have been in business for twenty years and more are suffering because of trendy shops on the east side of town and skyrocketing rents. – WCBSTV.com

And finally, you wanna learn how to make fancy schmancy ice cream and custard? For only $40 you can! Brooklyn Kitchen is hosting an Artisan Ice Cream with Van Leeuwen class Wednesday night at 6:30pm. – Brooklyn Kitchen

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  1. A fucking ** mosque ** ?!

    Blogmistress, I just got over the same bug myself, really nasty and until yesterday I could barely croak. 200 hot showers, four jillion cups of ridiculous “Yogi Tea” (good stuff but with insipid New Age affirmations on the tag of each bag) and few brisk walks and all seems better, except for a little ugly cough now and then (hack hack).

    There will be a generation of, if nothing else, WEIRD kids who learn all sorts of unexpected shit from their West Indian and Salvadoran nannies. I think (hope) this is a good thing, as I know 99% of their parents are nauseating.

    Hope things are better there too!


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