A good liquor store is hard to find. Luckily, I did not have to try hard. Save-Rite Liquor on Manhattan Avenue is my go to stop for all things booze related.

For me, the most important quality in a booze store is that they supply my main juice:

Cheap, sickeningly sweet champagne.

Combine this with fuzzy slippers and an episode of General Hospital and welcome to my nightly routine.

Also delightful about Save-Rite is the staff, aka team drunk. It does not matter if I go at 11:30 AM or 9 PM, those boys are always slightly sloshed and ready to offer up advice and a beverage. Yes, one time they did peer pressure me into doing 5 shots of tequila. But I think they were just trying to share their love of the drink.

Also fabulous is this free calendar offered in store.

I like how Ms October has a floating head next to her body.

What’s your favorite liquor store in the hood?

Save-Rite Liquors
907 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 389-4520

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  1. Okay, your blog is entirely mindless and now I know why. The owners of your favorite spot enable a very sick alcoholic homeless population. The owner also comes on to women so strongly, I imagine he’s done at least 200 women who shop there, meanwhile he’s married…
    Support them if you will, a better one just opened up on Franklin near Java.

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