That ‘hot kielbasa’ drug raid was quite the hot topic last week. But this week I caught up with some old friends and learned that there were some hardcore local Greenpointers involved in that mess. Some that I’ve known since I was a kid and some that are likely going away for a long, long time.

There have been big drug investigations going on in Greenpoint since the Summer and the Sikorski Meat Market wasn’t the only place that got raided. Rumor has it houses on Hausman Street and Driggs Avenue were also raided. FBI, DEA and even Animal Control had to be called in.

One would think Animal Control because maybe there were fighting pitbulls or even some crazy reptiles around. But word on the street is one place that got busted had a wallaby.

Hausman St is Greenpoint’s very own Outback.

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  1. Now I’m a little disappointed. I was supposed to so see the wallaby this summer, but never got around to accepting the invitation.

  2. Sikorski’s is still open because it was just the butcher doing it – the owner and other workers had no knowledge of the drug business he was running.

  3. Wallaby is a wild animal
    and should not be living in
    Greenpoint, these bonehead losers
    have no respect for life.

    If intersted in Hot Kielbasa,
    an ex dealer who lives on Russell
    between Nassau and Driggs might
    be able to referr you coke
    heads to someone else.

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