Greenpoint artist Ted Stanke created this fantastic election inspired piece of art using chopped up American coins. “Obama is made from pennies and nickles, McCain from quarters, dimes, and a few Sacajaweas.”- Ted Stanke

“Slumping sales, anxious buyers, tighter financing–welcome to scary time for North Brooklyn developers” The New York Observer presents the Ghost Condos of McCarren Park. – New York Observer

So what’s the best slice in Greenpoint? Handy seems to think it’s LA Pizza & Convenience. Long term locals will probably argue with you between Russ on Manhattan Ave or Carmine’s Original on Norman. Personally I’m a Russ girl. But the crackheads they have delivering are a little scary… – Handy Instrumental

HBO’s Flight of the Conchords has been filming around the ‘hood lately and Filming in Brooklyn has some pics of the cast near Club Exit. – Filming In Brooklyn

Greenpointers was featured both on Yelp with my review of Fortunato Brothers and their to die for cannolis and as one of Brix Picks for their Web Sites caterogry pick of the week. Thanks!


Hoodman now has I Shoot Hipsters t-shirts. The perfect Christmas present for the Greenpoint native in your life. Or more likely to be ‘ironically’ worn by Hipsters themselves. – via Thrillist

Sadly my Mets botched yet another post season possiblity, but as a true fan knows, you stick by ’em anyway. And the majority of native Greenpointers are Met fans (must be that close proximity to Queens). This was the last season at Shea and they’re selling everything but the kitchen sink via auction. The seats are outlandishly priced at $869 but maybe you can snag something a little more reasonable, like a stadium brick for $50.

The Paul Smith “discount store” in Williamsburg opened early. – Racked

One of my favorites – Fette Sau – is Zagat’s best BBQ in the city. And although owner Joe Carroll is no relation to yours truly, I wish he was! – NYDN

Jeremy Kressmann does a nice write-up on the naval history of Brooklyn. And while the Brooklyn Navy Yards are what people may automatically think of, Greenpoint had it’s own little part, too.
The U.S.S. Monitor – The bloody U.S. Civil War was a watershed for military innovation, including one of the first naval battles between two armor-plated ships, the U.S.S. Monitor and the C.S.S. Merrimack at the Battle of Hampton Roads. The Monitor held its own in the battle thanks to a unique design with a single rotating gun turret and a streamlined shape below the waterline. Even though the battle took place on the Virginia coast, the uniquely designed Monitor was constructed in Brooklyn. The ship was built at the now defunct Continental Ironworks in the Greenpoint section of the borough. The famous vessel is commemorated in the area with its own street name (Monitor Street) and a statue at Monsignor Mcgolrick Park.

FYI – The ship is also commemorated as the moniker for PS 110 known also as The Monitor School. Yeah, we learn that in like the second grade over here. The pride of Greenpoint! The Monitor!

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