Name – Betty
Pic taken – Manhattan Avenue Cleaners (905 Manhattan Ave)
Occupation – Owner/Manager of Business
Where where you born? – Seoul, South Korea
How long have you been in GP? – Shop has been open for 15 years
Favorite restaurant/store/bar – “I like Thai Cafe”
Worst thing about GP – The homeless people around the corner, that’s what I don’t like most but I don’t seem as many of them anymore.”
Best thing about GP – “I just love it here.”

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  1. I love Betty too! They’re my new dry cleaner of choice! (I just blogged about them, their hilarious sign on their scale, and Greenpoint Natural Cleaners 10% off scam last night!)

    I wonder if she knows Thai Cafe closed. It’s my favorite too. Have they reopened yet?

  2. She’s going to make my purple dress fit awesome! Betty does a good job and they are the nicest dry cleaners in the neighborhood.

  3. Do you think her name is really Betty?

    Wow, I can’t believe they are closing! But then again then work 13 hour days, 6 days a week…

  4. They aren’t closing! I meant, she was closing the shop for the day! They are definitely still open for business. Sorry to have confused you!

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