Last week I heard about a new store opening up on West and, well Green. I was thinking how out of the way and strange for something to be opening up over there, but I was going to swing by and check it out this weekend. GG just forwarded me an email that Urban Daddy beat me to it.

Welcome to West and Green, a warehouse-sized treasury of furniture, art and anything else you might want in your apartment, opening Friday in Greenpoint.

Don’t let the trek to the quiet reaches of northwest Brooklyn put you off. Make the effort and you’ll be rewarded with prime rarities plucked from local artists or imported exclusively from foreign dealers. You’ll see Belgian bistro chairs mixing with an environmentally sound table made entirely out of recycled tire rubber, or a 1960s credenza cozying up to rare prints of unpublicized photos of Old Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe, Kirk Douglas and John Wayne. (Trust us, they’re cheaper here than at Christie’s.)

Urban Daddy also has a great slideshow of the place you can see here. Also they’re featured on Dwell and Kempt.

It definitely appears out of my price range but it looks gorgeous! Here’s hoping West and Green start the next Franklin Street.

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