On Friday Gothamist posted that Apple may have purchased the Williamsburg Salvation Army.

Today local Greenpoint blogger Citizen Skein of Musings on ‘point posted that it’s still in the hands of the Salvation Army – since 1974.

While I find it a lot more believable that Apple did not purchase 176 Bedford, I also wouldn’t put all my trust in the DOB updating their records with the quickness. I was an expediter for years and I’ve seen it take several weeks for things like this to be updated in BIS. Actually, I’m being kind – I’ve seen it take months for things to be entered in that system. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but if the news that 176 Bedford’s been sold is only a few days old I would bet my life that BIS wouldn’t have it updated for at least a couple of weeks.

With that said, Citizen Skein is probably right and it’s more than likely just a rumor that found its way to Gothamists inbox. But even if there is any truth at all to the Salvation Army selling that piece of property I sincerely don’t care what goes there. Whatever it is would be better than the eyesore that place is.

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