Noise in the nabe has been a hot topic lately. Personally, I feel like living in NY one should be expecting noise. Especially on the weekends. But this reader emailed me and more than anything I’m curious as to what’s going down on the other side of the ‘Point with cars & music on Saturday nights?

Do you or any of your readers experience the LOUD music coming from what must be 50 cars at Norman and Kingsland on the weekends? They were out there ALL night Saturday, despite many filed noise complaints. This seems to happen every Saturday night. What can be done?

What can be done? I’d just call the 94th precint and tell them to send a car over. Likely that will lower the music for awhile but unless they’re doing something especially illicit (Might be some drag racing going on?) besides cranking their car radios on a Saturday Night, I’d just get over it. Once it gets cold out, they’ll probably be gone.

I’m never over there, so if anyone knows what the deal is – chime in!


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