Apparently last night there was gunfire at Club Exit. Again.

First this mornings email from a reader:

Hey there-

Was wondering if you’ve been able to find any info on the shooting around 4am last night on Greenpoint Ave near Manhattan (assuming it’s Club Exit). Around that time, I was woken up by a string of gunshots, screaming, and people running. Haven’t had any luck finding news about it yet.


Then this post on


wow! i get to be the first one to post about this one too!

okay so last night i had locked myself out of my apartment and at around one or so i was walking back from my friends house with her copy of my keys. i noticed that there were a lot of sort of thugged out dudes and women wearing, like, just a strip of leather across their boobs. walking up and down the street, and i just remember thinking, oh good, i have a set of keys now and don’t have to be stuck out here. “crazy club exit”….

but then at 3 i was lying in bed half asleep and i heard a series of three loud shots, followed by screaming and general noise. i saw a few heads looking out of windows, and i looked outside too, but made eye contact with some scary looking dude and quickly shut the window again. no cops were showing up, and i was PRETTY sure it had been gunfire i’d heard, so i called the cops. i don’t know if they ever showed up or what, i fell asleep.

at 4 or so (i think) i heard another shot. more screaming. and this time the cops showed up immediately. lots of yelling. i was trying to sleep, because i have to work early today… so it’s sort of like it was a dream. i’d like to know if anyone knows what happened. this club is totally out of control. obviously.

No word on anyone being shot or hurt, but gunfire twice in six months at this club is a little ridiculous. I know it’s not really Club Exit’s fault that the entertainment they book brings with it a gun-toting type of clientele but something needs to really be done before someone gets killed at this joint.

Ya know, a bunch of people won’t shut up or stop bitching about Studio B and it’s construction and licensing issues. They’re all up in arms over the loud, litter-producing hipsters that spill out of the place (oh the horror!), but here is a club where the cops REALLY need to be, for safety reasons and of course that’s just not nearly as important as whether Studio B’s cabaret license is up to date.

Has anyone heard anything else about this shooting?

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  1. Perhaps the people who live near Club Exit could get together, contact the media, take photographs, log complaints, write a letter to the owners of the club, petition the Community Board, and lodge complaints on 311 every night… you know, all the things that the people “bitching” about Studio B did? It’s not our job to do their work for them.

    You need to get over the fact that you don’t like the people who complained about Studio B. The fact that you don’t like Heather doesn’t mean that this club didn’t have legitimate quality of life issues. Your ignorance here makes you look stupid, petty and immature. But, if the shoe fits–

    not that you’ll EVER publish this comment.

  2. Never say never!

    I have nothing against the people who bitch about Studio B and it has nothing to do with “Heather”. Personally I think it’s petty and kinda making a big deal out of nothing the crazy crusade people have against Studio B just because of noise and events that they throw MAYBE once or twice a month.

    In comparison, two SHOOTINGS at Club Exit in the last six months seems A LOT more serious to me.

    And also why should a bunch of neighbors get together to online bitch and moan about a club, talk to “the media” and lodge complaints on 311 every night? It’s not something stupid like 150 people dancing in a space only allowed to have 149. It’s people SHOOTING. GUNS!

    I don’t see how me being more concerned about people in my neighborhood possibly being KILLED than being woken up on a Friday or Saturday night by drunken hipster makes me look stupid, petty and immature but then I guess it takes one to know one.

    If you have something you want to say – please man up and stop being a pussy Anonymous poster. That shit drives me crazy.

  3. I have no problems with the people who complain about Studio B personally but I think Club Exit sounds like it has far worse issues and impact on the community as a whole which does make it “our” job. 2 shootings in the last few months *is* more serious than drunk hipsters or punk rockers being noisy, that’s just a simple fact that would be hard by anyone to dispute.

  4. The fact that there are obvious problems at Club Exit doesn’t detract at all from the validity of the fact that there were also (different) problems at Studio B. Arguing about which are or were bigger problems is just pointless, and that those at Exit seem to be more dangerous doesn’t mean the people organizing against Studio B were wrong to do so (which also doesn’t mean they were necessarily right; the point is that there’s no real relationship between the two — except that the Studio B model can serve as an example for how to proceed regarding Exit).

    People organized and took action regarding Studio B. Anyone who wants to do the same regarding Exit can do so.

    BTW, is Studio B open again? I was asked for directions there by two guys getting off the G at India Street last night.

  5. I was going to ask the same thing in regards to studio b. Yesterday morning on my way to the YMCA I walked by studio B and saw massive amounts of garbage smelling like old beer bottles positioned directly outside the building.

    And yes what in the world is that darn doorbell sound, I heard it last week out my window and thought I was going crazy.

  6. agreed. shootings vs. litter in a neighborhood notorious for its cleanliness.

    by the way, studio B reopens in a few weeks. sorry heather.

  7. Jay – I agree that one doesn't necessarily have to do with other, but strictly as a comparision it interests me.

    I feel that the neighbors should not have to 'come together' to do something about people shooting guns. The cops and even the club need to take action without us having to 'make' them.

    And even with all the rigamarole and complaining the neighbors have done about Studio B it got them nothing much – Studio B is still alive and kicking.

    Now I'm not hoping Club Exit shuts down or anything, but maybe some metal detectors, increased bouncer and police presence or something. People busting off caps on Greenpoint & Manhattan Aves is NOT cool.

    As for the doorbell sound – I have no idea!? Anyone else hear it?

  8. I think the doorbell sound has to be coming from either Hess or BP gas stations –
    Has anyone found any other news of the shootings – including any news about the victims? A neighbor spoke with a policeman who told her two people were shot – can’t find anything online at nytimes or ny1.
    Its a shame to have to galvanize the community board, police or whomever can help – but if that’s what needs to happen, then let’s make it happen.
    Call 311 and go to Community Board 1 website and file complaints.

  9. Also contact the commissioner and ask him why the 94th precinct is specifically giving Club Exit special treatement.

    Contacting the local news might help as well. I wrote to CBS news. If more people write to them, maybe they’ll do a story.

    And finally I wrote to the Borough President.

    I’ve taken these extra steps because calling 311 a dozen times, with the bonus of gunshots, isn’t getting anyone’s attention.

  10. no one here knows anything about this other then there were gun shots going off early in the morning automatically assuming they MUST be coming from the club. yes the club brings loud and obnoxious people. im one of them and im sure as a resident that can be prity tiring but now every time anything goes down next to the club doesn’t have to be its fault. you say get detectors… were the shots fired inside the club? cuz that’s all a detectors going to do keep the guns on the street.. were the shots were taken. DUH. worry that you have people on your streets with guns punish the individuals responsible don’t punish someone for the mistakes of is on point there as in any other club i have gone to dozens

  11. The doorbell sound:
    I hear a “ding-dong” sound periodically; it is the noise that the subway doors make. My apartment is right above the air vents for the train and when it’s quiet I can hear the train pull in, open the doors, shut them and leave.

    And yes, I heard the gunplay. I didn’t get up for the first set of shots. I looked out my windows after the second set and saw that the cops were right down the block when it happened.

    A friend who walked home through it all at 2am said that she heard two kids telling other people that the cops had already shut the party down. So either they shut it down and it restarted, or, the shut it down and people milled around for an hour or two before getting bored enough to shoot.

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