Brew N’ Chew at the Diamond Bar:

Come make a $20 donation to East New York Farms in order to secure your spot on September 28th at our most unique beer/food pairing ever. You’ll get to taste from six different homebrewers and home chefs. Creations such as strawberry double IPA, black saison, pumpkin ravioli, dry rubbed ribs…there’s going to be some delicious stuff. But who can put it together best? Who’s pairing is most harmonious? You decide!

Understand that at the same time, you are donating $20 to a really fantastic organization that is providing very important services to the people of East New York!

*Educating residents about healthy food and healthy environments
*Creating opportunities to purchase fresh quality produce (good luck finding Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods in East New York)
*Promotion of regional sustainable agriculture and economic development in East New York
*Engagement of youth in hands-on agricultural learning and leadership training
*Preservation of community gardens as open space

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