It’s been 7 years since 9/11 and although it seems like time has flown, it still is something that New Yorkers feel like a part of them died that day. Today’s weather is so similar to that day and it makes it that much more surreal.

I lived on Staten Island when the attacks happened and the Island got hurt bad. We lost the most people on that faithful day. So many police and firefighters live on the Island with their families, a slice of suburbia within the city. Staten Island still takes 9/11 to heart and I think it always will.

Living anywhere in New York on that day, you thought of the countless people within the city you knew. Acquaintances, friends, family members, even ex-lovers. You ran a Rolodex through your head of anyone and everyone you know and wondered if they were alright. When they finally released the list of those lost, everyone I knew recognized at least a name. I recognized two.

So this is to my two and all the other lives lost that day and in the days and years after from various illnesses that arose from being among those toxic ruins. My heart always aches this day.

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  1. Yes a horrible day and the surreal weather really brought it back to me as well. I can imagine the mood on Staten Island. I’ll never forget listening on the radio to the list of all all the fireman that lost their lives that day. My father is a retired NYFD and he went back to work for a while, so many funerals. My husband at the time was down there and i didnt know he was ok till about 3pm. when i allow myself to revist that day i really become a mess.

    Heres to your two friends and everyone else we lost in NY that day.

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