While dragging myself to work this AM, I happened to notice a new store will be opening on the corner of Meserole and Manhattan.

Hot Dog! Old Hollywood Boutique!! What kind of snazzy clothing will they be peddling? What would the clientele be like?

Then I recalled this classy beauty that I spotted late one night at the Metropolitan .


Once she wakes up, I am sure she is going to be tickled pink.
I mean, even more pink.

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  1. Hey! I happened to notice you noticing old hollywood. boy is she a beauty. I just left there…oh and its early..oh or errr…late whatever …I am opening her this saturday and she specializes in independent designers from Cali-kentucky-Brooklyn who are inspired by the days of yesteryear, and of course VINTAGE CLOTHING!!!
    Some of her guests include:
    Species by the thousands
    Harlow in Chains
    Withering Elm
    I am the manager/buyer for the store called CATBIRD and I am about to birth my baby. Come meet Old Hollywood!

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