Got an email today wondering about the best spot to get tailoring done around town. I know my sister uses the one on Greenpoint & Manhattan Aves and I was just admiring the job she did on her wide leg jeans – keeping the interesting cuff look, so that would be my first recommendation but if someone has another place they’ve been pleased with – comment on.

Hi All,

I’ve lived in Greenpoint for a couple years, and I’m a huge fan of the blog! Keep the good stuff coming!

I had a quick Neighborhood Question. I scored an awesomely cheap pair of pants at the Angel Street Thrift Shop, but they’re too long and I need to get them hemmed. Do you know any good places in the neighborhood to get that done?


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  1. T & D Cleaners — her name is betty. she is fabulous, so sweet and when you walk by the window on manhattan ave you can wave to her and she'll wave back. what a sweet heart. she hooked up my bridal dress and even put those cool little bra strap hooks in there for free. go to her. she's great.

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