Someone brought this MySpace blog post to my attention today from Miss Heather Letzkus at and it really just weirds me out but I guess before people start wondering what the fuck it’s all about (I suspect jealousy), I guess I should address it.

Here is Miss Heather’s post in the event she should remove it. It was posted at 4:06am (Update 8.28.08: she changed the time to show 9:06pm but trust me, it was 4:06am originally) so maybe when she sobers up she may remove it and I just want to save it so people know what a truly tasteless, lying bitch she is. My comments are in green.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

This is the most laughable piece of shit I have ever read


When you are done reading about the sweet side of Ms. Justine of Greenpointers I will tell you about the other one. The one I know.

I first met Justine when we went Bowling for BARC last November. She knocked back beers, I tossed back cocktails. We threw balls— in other words: we had fun. Until she got really drunk. Then it got really weird.

As we left the bowling alley she started crying about how she wished she had a boyfriend. CRYING. Having known this person only online I didn’t know what to say. I consoled her the best way I could, e.g; women with strong personalities turn off a lot of men, hold out for someone who can accept you for who you are, and so forth.

I moved back to Greenpoint because I broke up with my boyfriend in Staten Island. I had to move out.

She said.

This is just blatant crazy talk. I seriously have no idea what she’s talking about. Yes, we spoke about me being single and my boyfriend and I breaking up but there was definitely no crying. I think this woman is fucking out of her mind! lol And just for the record, my boyfriend is the one who moved out and I stayed in Staten Island an entire year and a half after that happened. So much for her detective skills.

As we walked down Noble Street she informed me she was a Republican (which is no crime) and “Pro-War”. I asked for an explanation; she gave it. She slurred that she didn’t care who was hurt and that we should bomb the whole lot of Iraq. If one person acted out, EVERYONE should be punished— including women and children. On Greenpoint Avenue she told me about watching a couple of her friends kick a homeless person senseless there back in high school. “I heard his skull crack” she said. When I asked if she called a hospital she looked at me blankly. I guess only gentrifiers ask such questions. Silly me.

This is probably true, I do slur a lot.

And of course, the rest is completely taken out of context. I said I believed in war in general and in war sometimes there are casualties of women and children, it’s inevitable and unfortunately I believe it to sacrifice that sometimes needs to be made. And I stand by that.

The part about friends kicking in a homeless persons head did happen. But it was a drunk Polish person and I was about fourteen. I didn’t look at her blankly, I just didn’t say anything. I’m not proud that happened and I know that it was wrong but I was a stupid kid hanging out with thugs in the street. It happened and it’s part of things I remember growing up here.

By the time we reached Casa Mon Amour she wanted another drink “for the road” (although the road only led to the Astral). I humored her. That’s when she really opened up.

Stopping at Casa Mon Amour was her husbands idea. You should see homeboy kick the booze back. She got some nerve giving me shit about being a drunk.

She took great delight in beating people up as a youth but claimed “I don’t do that anymore”. She also confided that she enjoyed getting emails from former classmates via her “greenpointers” email address because she could call some of them out as being “sluts”. Mind you, this woman was 32 years old and never ever attended high school in Greenpoint.

Complete fabrication. People know me in this neighborhood, I totally never, ever “beat people up”. I had fights just like we all did as kids but there is no way in Hell that I was some sort of bully or nonsense. And I got my fair share beat downs, myself. And I have absolutely NO IDEA what she’s talking about ‘calling people out as sluts’ via Greenpointers. My blog has my first and last name on it – it’s right there on the sidebar so I don’t have any idea what she’s talking about. I’m just kinda confused at that whole part.

Miss Justine dropped out of school at 16. In Staten Island. Whether this makes her a high school or junior high school drop out I do not know— nor do I care. In any case she makes up for it by claiming to have an Associates Degree on her resume because (as she said) “no one ever checks”. This would appear to be true.

Yep, I’m a High School dropout. I got my GED. And if I was going to claim to have a college degree on my resume I would totally go for the Bachelors.

Then we got on the subject of black people/”people of color”. Here’s what she had to say:

There is NO WAY I am living WITH THOSE PEOPLE.

Those were her exact words. You do not forget shit like that. Especially when you come from a place where blacks were (and still are) treated like shit.

I have no idea if she is just running the gamut of shit to try and make me look like some sort of evil person or what. I’m actually surprised that she doesn’t call me a Satanist. Apparently I’m a Republican women and child-hating undereducated drunken racist. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

After ushering her home my husband and I were speechless. I mean, what do you do after listening to shit like this? I have never raised my hand to anyone in anger. I have never watched a homeless person beaten senseless by “my friends”. Much less hearing someone’s skull “crack”. I guess that makes “insecure”.

I never need anyone to usher me home! I’m appalled!

If bigotry, violence and veil upon veil of lies is what being a “real” Greenpointer entails, rule me out. I have lived here for eight years. When Miss Justine decided to make Greenpoint her home (again) I was already here.

Justine is a miserable person. She herself made this clear to me. Her birth mother actually forced her father to take Justine with him when he “went out drinking” because she thought having a child in tow might keep him from cheating on her. It didn’t. They divorced. Justine elected to live with dad, who she confessed “had a serious cocaine problem”.

Apparently “dad” has cleaned up. Somewhat. Justine told me that he treats all his children and her stepmother “like dirt”. She is daddy’s little girl. Or is she?

She took a few liberties here. For the most part yes some of these things are true but I don’t know what kind of person airs this stuff about someone else. That night we were all drinking heavily. They were drinking scotch or bourbon or whatever they drink in Texas or wherever they’re from. But ya know, I could sit here and air her (what I assumed to be private) business she shared with me about her background but I don’t even fucking remember or care.

I don’t hide that my parents divorced and that I went to the bars with my Dad as a kid. There were usually other kids there to play with! That’s just the way shit was back then. And yeah my Dad did blow in 80’s and now he’s a miserable fifty-something old guy living in the suburbs with his second wife and teenage daughters. He’s like every other fucking Dad.

Ya know, just because that guy interviewed me and I spoke lovingly of my Dad and my memories growing up doesn’t give this woman the right to fucking post shit like that on a public website aimed to hurt me just because of her fucking jealousy. Sure, I make snide remarks and she makes snide remarks on our blogs but I never called her out publicly like the piece of shit she is. And thankfully she’s done it for me with this post.

Inasmuch as she likes to pick on other people (myself included) I have to wonder what Justine’s true motivations are. I strongly suspect her blog is a means of feeling important. It’s not like she has really done anything with her life. Even she has admitted that. What kind of loser sends nastygrams on Christmas anyway?

I don’t know what a nastygram on Christmas means. Maybe something happened and she thought it was me, I have no idea. My blog is a way of me feeling important? Really? Oh come on, I write about nonsense – why would that make me feel important? It’s a hobby. One I enjoy. And yes, I have admitted that I haven’t really done anything with my life but I’m sorry I think it’s pretty evident that she hasn’t either. I don’t really see her solving world problems with a blog about dog shit.

When someone like Brian Berger affirms the image of “realness” and “strength” Justine has contrived it makes her feel strong. So be it. I’ll let her have it: she has nothing else.

I know the real Justine and quite frankly it is pathetic.


Justine seemingly has a very short memory— but I don’t. This is the first and last thing I will say about this “person”. She is not worth my time. And I have wasted enough on her already.


In closing, I really have no idea what I did to make this woman write this post about me. And if you read it, I really haven’t! She has absolutely NO REASON to write this about me other than she’s just jealous and angry that this guy interviewed me. I responded honestly to all those questions. And I speak honestly all the time. My only fault is probably getting too drunk and over-sharing. She seemed like a nice person and we’d been emailing each other for months before we met. It’s that weird thing that you feel like you know someone but you really don’t.

What’s good about my experience with Miss Heather is she made me acutely aware and more on guard with people I meet through my blog. This post really hurt me because I just don’t understand the anger behind it. Fine we don’t like each other but you really needed to lie about me and post things about my family?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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  1. Ahh good ole myspace. The ghetto of the internet.

    Is it possible her husband has a thing for you? Only a woman scorned can write like that.

    Otherwise it’s the whole interview jealousy thing.

  2. Just when I thought it might be safe to resurrect the blog I started last year! Not that anything happened, I just didn’t want to get involved in the blog wars that go on sometimes. I enjoy both Greenpointers and New York Shitty, and the different perspectives you both have, immensely.

  3. Wow. I read her blog a couple of times and realized she is a self righteous busybody. I also realizied you didnt have a link to her blog on your page that there was some issue here. However, I really don’t know why one would slander someone like she did, I suppose she is nuttier than I thought. Don’t feel too bad, I mean she is a dope.

  4. It’s all very wrong and to bring your family into it is downright low. As low as you can get really. She dissed you publicly on every level, all because she’s upset that you got interviewed by someone and talked about Greenpoint, which it seems she thinks she has a claim on because you were in Staten Island when she move there. ridiculous.

  5. Regardless of her motives, Miss Heather is way out of line airing out her dirty laundry with you like that. It’s completely inappropriate for her to bring up all these personal details from your life after only one night of drinking together. I am a fan of both blogs being a G-pointer myself, but I shall definitely regard Miss H with some trepidation after this childish flair-up.

  6. I am appalled that people liek her can even exist!! She is so jelous she did not get the interview and teh accolades. I really cannot believe that you can take someone’s sayings out of context and TELL IT ON THE FUCKEN internet. SO classless and disgusting…PLease Justine, you keep being you girl..I will never read her Blog again!!

  7. Obviously, You are on her mind. And to me, she seems sort of jealous. Why does she even CARE about you or what you do, and why even take the time to write a senseless high school Bullshit public post about someone??? ANYONE. She seems like the pathetic one to me. You really dont need to justify any of her assumptions.

  8. I also don’t understand how meeting someone a year ago could lead to such vitriol. The Heather woman obviously has lots of issues and it seems clear from her blog that she is the one who wants to be important. She attemps to take up causes with her “outrage” but really just comes across as a bit of a loon. She also has issues that us native NYers dont think she is really NY, like that really matters at all. Just from looking at her site it is clear that she is incapable of viewing things from more than one angle.

    Your blog however isn’t a personal sounding board, you really just try to let people know what is going on in the area. To me this seems pretty helpful and really not self aggrandizing. To post details on the internet about someone’s life that you garnered from a night of drinking is really classless.

    I really don’t read too many blogs, because generally they just give a voice to the stupid and untrained. This Heather really reinforced that with me with her latest immature diatribe. However I wil continue to read yours as you do a good service for the hood.

  9. I agree that although this is a terrible thing, you shouldn’t feel the need to post this here. We shouldn’t all know this personal information. Sorry that people (especially ms heather) suck and can’t handle their jealousy in a more mature manner. However, posting this is showing how much it really gets to you. Screw her. Your blog is better anyway. 🙂

  10. Thanks to everyone for the comments and others out there for the emails. I appreciate the fact that a lot of you came to my defense. It’s such Brooklyn thing to do, to back up your fellow peeps!

    I’m not at all upset or wishing to participate in any ‘blog war’ with anyone. Just the thought of those words makes me giggle in their absurdity.

    The reason I posted this is because I’m just the type of person who’s going to take control of what’s said about me. I just feel that if anyone out there has something to say to me then say it to my face.

    You know where I live, you see me around the neighborhood. If you have a problem, be an adult and say it to me not on some random MySpace post at 4am. Jeesh.

    But thank you again everyone!

  11. I am so very sorry you had to endure this. Granted my growing up in Greenpoint was in the 50’s and 60’s and working there after High School in the late 60’s and 70’s.

    We had people who would talk “trash” back then too, only one huge difference……. It wasn’t as visible as it is today thanks to technology.

    I do NOT know you. However, as much as it hurts do NOT let this pipsqueak nimcampoop get you down. We all had our “baggage” that we grew up with but I think for the most part it made us better adults.

    There are some people who their lives are so shattered that they simply have to dog down on others. I’ll wager that her so called outwardly wonderful life is probably a living hell behind closed doors.

    Keep your chin up and just let Greenpoint know I miss it terribly.

  12. I read both of your blogs.

    Seriously, Miss Heather, since I’m sure you’re reading this – what the fuck? She gets interviewed, and for some reason you deem it appropriate to post your editorialized version of her private life online, which she told you in confidence, once, during a night of drinking? Insane.

    It’s always been clear that you were eccentric, which is fine and good, but this is verging on sociopathy and mental illness. At the least, you owe her a big apology, and should take the post down. And get some help for whatever emotional problem(s) would cause you to do this. Seriously. In the meantime, you’ve lost a blog reader, and a ton of credibility as a member of the Greenpoint community. I’ll be sure to mention this post the next time your name comes up.

  13. You hit the nail on the head anonymous @ 3:01pm. Unfortunately I don’t think she has any intention of ever apologizing to me, but I agree she’s lost a ton of credibility within the neighborhood.

    Her posts have been getting increasingly “crazier” this past year. I think she starting assuming she could say whatever she wanted and readers would just keep reading, but I’ve been finding a lot of people in the ‘hood telling me they are just sick of her ramblings.

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