I have had so much shit in my inbox this week that I’m giving you another buzz today. Hey it’s Friday you can handle two times the buzz.

Wanna pet? Gerbils, gerbils and more gerbils can be found in Williamsburg. They have four ‘genarations‘ of ’em! – Life is Dynamite

Ok maybe you want a pet a little higher on the evolutionary ladder? The Brooklyn Animal Foster Network will be outside Starbucks (910 Manhattan Ave.) from 12:00-5:00pm with many adoptable cats and dogs, kittens and puppies, who are looking for their forever homes this Saturday. – On Loving Animals

The Olympics are getting set to wind down this weekend and next week I’ll be seeing Mr. Michael Phelps in the flesh! Right now it’s all on the down low, but I’m psyched. And speaking of the Olympics one of Billyburg’s own is being detained for one of his multi-media art thingys. It was supposed to be a laser ‘tag’ reading Free Tibet illuminating the side of a building but before he could flip the switch, the Chinese authorities flipped the script and nabbed him. – The Brooklyn Paper

How do you make a hipster cry? Remind them that it’s the very last weekend of the McCarren Pool Parties. – Jaunted


Also, tonight is the last chance to see 12 Ophelias play at the pool. – The Jones Street Boys

Everyone brunch! This Sunday Bridge Urban Winery is hosting ” a seasonal, three course Bloody Mary brunch (made with farm fresh organic tomatoes) on behalf of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA. All proceeds from Sunday’s brunch go toward providing fresh organic produce for the Greenpoint soup kitchen. [Tickets are $40, with seatings between 11am and 1pm. Email gwcsafundraising@gmail.com for reservations.]” – Gothamist

Do you need a job? It seems everyone is hiring. If you’re a foodie, Grub Street is looking for a full time blogger. A new show called Royal Pains is looking to hire Office PA’s. And Rooftop Films is looking to hire interns and volunteers (read: no money!) for August and the Fall. But if you’re an aspiring film student, it could be worth it. Applications are due no later than August 25th, 2008. If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume to Genevieve DeLaurier at genevieve {at} rooftopfilms {dot} com.

The Voice (positively) reviews Greenpoint’s “newest” Polish restaurant Karczma. Too bad that place is at least four months old. Get with the program! – Village Voice Counter Culture

Bloggers are visiting The Point and giving thumbs up across the board. From Critical Reviews giving Permanent Records the seal of approval to Brix Picks calling Papacito’s the area’s best Mexican food – GPT is all over the interwebs.

There’s a Nervous Nelly condo buyer at The Viridian… Is he getting a deal or getting screwed? – StreetEasy

Coffee Lovers Unite! Seems Cafe Grumpy is opening another location. This time in Da ‘Wick. “Caroline Bell, an owner of Café Grumpy (which operates cafes in Chelsea and Greenpoint, Brooklyn) says her company will start roasting at a location in Bushwick this fall, and will open a cafe at the same place around that time.” – Capico International Update

How does Greenpoint/Williamsburg compare to Bangalore? Under the BQE has a really nice post about the wonderful (and not so wonderful) differences. – Under the BQE

There’s another Blood Drive this weekend. The New York Blood Services Bus will be on Jackson near Humboldt and be conducted by the Williamsburg Church this Saturday from 10am-3pm. – CB1 Info

I’ve done Yoga a couple of times and I have to admit, I did like it. It’s very relaxing. This Saturday from 10am-12pm L Magazine is offering a free Yoga in the Park event at McCarren Park. “The L Magazine’s Yoga in the Park is a series of four Saturdays during which McCarren Park Pool will host New York City’s largest free yoga practice. Instructors will teach everything from Hatha to Vinyasa in the morning. Meditation, chanting, and lectures, along with a yoga and wellness marketplace will continue on until late afternoon.” NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation

Oh Bicycle Rack thy name is Hipster. David Byrne (who SERIOUSLY looks like my ex-boyfriend will in twenty years – even more so in the picture to the left. Actually, he’s pretty hot to me.) has created bicycle rack art installation throughout the city including “a guitar-shaped rack named Hipster in Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg neighborhood.” – New York Times City Room

As Atlantic Avenue’s Antique Row gets old, Williamsburg’s begins to pick up. – The Brooklyn Paper & NY Sun

As Greenpointers own Krissy previously (sarcastically & hysterically) mentioned, (who I met on the G to L transfer this morning!) Fred Flare is opening a shop shortly on Meserole Avenue. “The store will be a mix of the best of the best from our website plus some surprises you’d never expect from Fred Flare. It will include men’s and women’s clothing and accessories as well as a selection from our home, stationery and book departments. Our customers will also be able to place an order on our website and pick it up in the store the next day (NO SHIPPING FEE)! ” My baby sister Jo will no doubt be in ‘luv’ with this place. – Racked

Oooo, I’ve never seen or heard of Airstream Books (or “street retail shops” for that matter) but the whole “sidewalk shop specializes in architecture, design, fashion books and, yes, vintage porn.” has got me *very* interested. – Jaunted

The Alters of Franklin Street are preparing for Fall. They’ve got in winter coats already! Time to pick your goodies that you can’t wait to wear and wind up wearing that one morning when there’s the slightest chill in the air and then sweating your ass off the rest of the day. It’s side effects from back to shopping when you were ten. – Alter

New kid on the block, Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog is looking to fill the Brooklyn foodie niche with delectable photos of their meals. Look how yummy the pancakes & eggs at Greenpoint Coffee House look! – Eat It: The Brooklyn Food Blog

Last night I came home to not one, but two food menus slid under my door. Now I’m not really irate at the fact but that’s the sort of thing that can get some people nuts. Well, now the Lawn Litter law is in full effect. “This new law gives the property owner the power to help stop unsolicited advertisements from being placed in front of, or inside of, their home or multiple dwelling.” – via CB1

Jillian aka thefictionist, a native Brooklynite and GP resident for over 2 years has a website dedicated to her short stories. Three volumes of short stories, absurdities, peculiarities and Monstrosities are available through the site as a downloadable PDF or as a paperback, signed by thefictionist and bound by hand. Both options are completely free of charge. – thefictionistonline.com

Staten Island desperately wants to become the next Williamsburg. Be careful what you wish for… – Staten Island Advance

Ah, social networking sites. I have to admit I was turned on to them by my little sisters but now I’ve got a whole new love of my own for them. Personally, I’m more of a Facebook whore myself, so a few months ago I started a Greenpointers Group on the site. Now they offer pages specifically for blogs and a reader added mine to the mix. So go on over and become a fan of Greenpointers (and of course give us five starts cause we’re like, totally fucking tubular.). – Facebook

65 Commercial Street has been waiting for two years to become a park. I wouldn’t hold my breath. – NYDN

An industrial building on Humboldt Street (back where I used to sneak cigs as a kid) has sold for a whopping $2.3 million. Can you say condos? – CoStar Group

I do not possess a green thumb but I’ve always admired those who do. How cool it must be to be able to grow something you can eat! Over the years I’ve met gardeners and even dated a landscaper and they all save their ‘trash’ for compost. I would have to pretty much cook for myself to contribute to The North Brooklyn Compost Project so I likely never will, but for any aspiring horticulturists you can bring your “food scraps (all fruit and vegetable peelings and pits; rice pasta, bread, and cereal; coffee grounds with filter and teabags; and egg shells–nothing meaty, fishy or greasy) and turn them into a rich, nutritious, and delicious-smelling soil, greatly reducing the amount of household waste that is burned and/or dumped in landfills.” via NAG

And finally, don’t forget this Saturday is also Scully’s Detatching With Love art show/sale at Jan & Aya’s. Have a glass of wine, a bit of cheese and walk home with some love dressed as an artwork. – Scully New York

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  1. Umm.. Karczma has been around for a long time. I remember going there with my folks years ago. I know they went through a renovation (possibly ownership change) 6 t 12 months ago.

    Krissy, where did you get your GP tshirt?

  2. Me and my sister were talking about this, I felt like it was new a few months ago (could’ve been six or more!) and she said she thought it was there for years. I think you’re probably right, it changed ownership / had a renovation or something. But it’s definitely not ‘new’!

  3. i very much enjoy walking down greenpoint avenue and seeing the employees of Karczma outside smoking, in full polish peasant attire.

    the shirt was actually a b-day present from my friends tommy and roy who own Alter. I think they have them in their store.

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